Video Review: Faith Evans & Carl Thomas “Can’t Believe”

Carl Thomas rubs his hands together as he sits on the couch of his home in New York City, New York. He puts a glass of tea on the table and glances at the window. Faith Evans gets up from the couch in her home and stands on the balcony. Across the street, Thomas puts his hands on the door wall as he watches Evans.

Evans sits in a cabin as she takes the Roosevelt Island Tram. A twentysomething man and woman sit on a bench in the waiting area. They look away from each other and board Evans’ cabin. Thomas passes by a second twentysomething man and woman as they argue in Central Park.

Evans dances in her seat while the twentysomething woman touches the twentysomething man’s lips. Thomas and Evans smile at one another as they meet at Bow Bridge. Evans dances by the cherry blossom trees. Thomas and Evans talk as they walk.

Rating: 5/5

Carl Thomas leans against the railing of the Bow Bridge and goes over what he wants to say to Faith Evans in his head. The bridge was their old spot. It was where they had their first date. He checks his watch. She still had ten minutes. However, it was like her to be early. Being late rattled her and it would take her several hours to shake.

Evans stands on the trail and takes a deep breath. She hadn’t anticipated the emotions firing within her. Hurt, elation and nervousness were going off in different directions, setting off alarms bells. Maybe it was a bad idea. As she walks over to him, she musters up excuses to leave in her head. She couldn’t stay.

Thomas asks her if she’d like a pretzel. She shakes her head, “no” and says she’s can’t eat a bite. He looks into her eyes and tells her he understands. Her nerves usually got to her. She tells him she had a difficult time just getting herself here. He nods, thinking of how she must’ve gone over each scenario. She says it was good to see him but she has to go. He tells her it’s okay. He has errands to run. She waves to him and walks away. He sits on a bench and hangs his head.

Director: Chris Robinson Year: 2001

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