Video Review: Lil Durk & Lil Baby “Finesse Out The Gang Way”

Lit in teal, Lil Durk carries a bundle of money in a parking garage in Atlanta, Georgia. Lil Baby dances next to him. Lil Baby looks over his shoulder as he drives with Lil Durk. They hang out at a parking lot with some friends.

Lil Baby takes a picture of his bracelet in the Icebox. They show off their diamond-encrusted watches on their wrists. DaBaby browses in the store with them. Lil Baby changes lanes as he drives. Lil Durk opens the vault inside the store. Lil Baby walks out and unzips his jacket. Money flips through the counting machines. Lil Baby rests his feet on a counter as he sits. He flexes in the parking lot.

Rating: 2.5/5

Lil Baby asks to speak to the clerk. The clerk ask him, “how can I help you?” Lil Baby says he’d like to mess with his friend and go into the vault. The clerk says she’ll have to talk to her manager. Lil Durk calls over Lil Baby and asks for his opinion on the cross pendant. Lil Baby tells him to just get it and gestures for the clerk to add two to his order. The clerk walks over to him and whispers she got the okay. Lil Baby watches Lil Durk and his friends as they comment on the necklaces. He tells her “let’s go.”

The clerk opens the door to the vault and tells him to contact her on the phone right away. Lil Baby comments it’s smaller than he expected. The clerk says she’s going to be close by, just in case and hands him a phone. He holds it tight to him as she closes the door.

Lil Baby bumps his elbow and exclaims, “oww!” The clerk calls out if he’s okay. Lil Baby says he’s fine and sighs. His phone beeps. However, he couldn’t reach it. The clerk says, “hi, Lil Durk.” Lil Baby smiles and bumps his head. Lil Durk asks the clerk if it’s safe. The clerk says something might’ve fallen. Lil Durk says he’s not sure he and his friends should be down here. She opens the door of the vault and Lil Baby coughs. Lil Durk asks him what’s he doing. Lil Baby tells him he was just playing a joke and coughs again. Lil Durk says he doesn’t sound good. Lil Durk coughs again and says he’s fine. Lil Durk tells him to sit for a minute. Lil Durk faints. Lil Baby checks for a pulse. His heart was still beating. The clerk offers to call for an ambulance. Lil Durk opens his eyes and asks how he got on the floor. Lil Baby says he gave them a good scare and helps him up.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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