Video Review: Tara Kemp “Piece of My Heart”

Tara Kemp, wearing a black jacket with orange stripes, dances with two twentysomething women as canary yellow lights flash in a warehouse. One of her friends gives the peace sign. Wearing a black bra and black high-rise jeans with a canary yellow jacket, she continues to dance. She turns her head.

Lit in royal blue, a twentysomething man pulls a rope. Kemp stands with her friends and checks him out. He notices her staring. The lights rotate from yellow to blue as a people dance. Kemp and her friends clap as they watch. A twentysomething man raps. She dances back-to-back with one of her friends. Wearing a gold dress, she lies on the floor. A man touches her face. She and the twentysomething man talk and kiss in the corner. A friend of hers puts her arm around her as they leave the warehouse. She hugs the twentysomething man at the door.

Rating: 2.5/5

Tara Kemp straightens her costume as she sits in the dressing room with her friends. Her friend sits next to her and says she’s so nervous and asks her to feel her hands. Kemp rubs her fingers from the moisture and says “they’re so clammy!” Her friend says she hasn’t competed in awhile. Kemp tells her it’ll be as though she never left once she gets up there. Her friend says they both left school for it. Kemp says they’ve done well. They are at nationals.

The twentysomething man gives Kemp a rose backstage. Kemp kisses him and sniffs it. The twentysomething man says she mastered every step. Kemp knows she made a few mistakes and hopes the judges didn’t notice. Her friend wipes a tear and says one of their mutual friends fell during a dance. Kemp says she’s going to check on her. The twentysomething man says he’ll come with her.

Kemp stands on stage as she listens to the judges talk. The judge congratulates her on second place. Kemp nods and thanks him. She shakes the hand with the winner and asks her where she trains. The twentysomething woman says she knows and walks away. Kemp and the twentysomething man exchange puzzled glances. The twentysomething man tells her she did great and companies are going to be calling her. She says she wants to go home to fill out applications now.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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