Video Review: Marilyn Martin “Night Moves”

At night, Marilyn Martin presses the button on the gate and walks into her apartment building. A thirtysomething man talks to her as they walk into her family room. She touches his shoulder and he leans in to kiss her. She snaps his neck. As he lies on the carpet, she runs her hand over his face. She tosses a vase onto the ground and sits against the wall.

A second thirtysomething man stares a picture on his desk at the police station. He places the photo of the thirtysomething man on the board alongside several others. She sits up in bed. A man pulls a twentysomething woman’s head back at the club. Several people grip the fence as they wait to get inside. She and a third thirtysomething man stare at another while she stands on the platform of the second floor. Back at home, she throws her head back. The second thirtysomething adds the third twentysomething man’s photo onto the wall.

A 10-year-old boy holds a football in his hand as he talks to his friends as they walk on the sidewalk. He throws it to another 10-year-old boy. The ball tumbles down the stairs and stops at a door. The second 10-year-old boy peeks inside and gestures for his friends to come over. The second thirtysomething man talks on the phone and writes notes at his desk. A few police cars drive to the Martin’s apartment building. The second thirtysomething man gets out of the police car and walks down the stairs.

A policeman waves his flashlight onto a deceased thirtysomething man hanging on the ceiling. The second thirtysomething man turns on the light and they see the three rows of deceased men, wrapped in plastic. They walk by each person and walk out. The second thirtysomething man looks up at the apartment and leaves with the police as the crowd watches. Within the crowd, Martin puts on her sunglasses and pulls up the hood on her blouse while she walks on the sidewalk.

Rating: 5/5

Marilyn Martin talks with a fourth thirtysomething man in the grocery store. She shakes his hand and says it good to meet him. He offers to the bags in her car. She tells him it would be lovely. He asks her where her car is as she walks alongside with her two bags. She shakes her head and says she swears it was parked by the pharmacy. Smacking her forehead, she says she parked across the street by the empty restaurant. The fourth thirtysomething man says “ok” and follows her. The fourth thirtysomething man was so sweet. She presses him against the wall, holding onto his throat.

A sales clerk approaches her and asks her if she’s finding everything okay. Martin tells her she has such a pretty face. The sales clerk smiles and says she’ll be there if she needs anything. Martin narrows her eyes as the clerk talks to a twentysomething woman. The clerk didn’t even say “thank you.” She usually left women alone. However, the sales clerk should be polite when given a compliment.

The sales clerk calls out for help and scratches Martin’s face. She kicks Martin in the chest. Martin curses and lunges for her. The sales clerk runs away. Martin peeks around the corner to watch her. She moves her leg and cringes at the pain. It’d be just a few minutes and she’d be okay again. Blinking, she waves at the light to make it go away. The second thirtysomething man asks her if she’s all right. Martin says it’s a scrape and a bruise. She’s okay to go home. He says an EMT will check her and tells her to stay right where she is. She insists she’s good as she struggles to stand up.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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