Video Review: Mario Winans & Diddy “I Don’t Wanna Know”

Mario Winans plays a piano as golden light streams into the room. Lit in white, he stands by an elevator. Back in white light, he and a twentysomething woman kiss against the wall. A twentysomething smiles as he touches her face. They kiss.

His hand on his forehead, Winans sits on the bed and looks at photos of the twentysomething woman. He sits in the basement, underneath the staircase. Lit in hunter green, he submerges himself in the bathtub, with only his head on the surface. The photos of her float in the water. Fully clothed, he gets out of the bathtub. Back on the bed, he takes off his shirt.

Diddy raps against a black background of golden words written in a circle. Winans opens a drawer and runs his hand over some video tapes. Sitting on the couch, he holds back tears as he watches the twentysomething wave to him. She poses in her bikini and dances. He spreads his arms on the screen as she lies on the bed. Her thigh covers the screen and he touches it. Lit in royal blue, he closes his eyes and rubs his forehead.

Rating: 2/5

Mario Winans reaches his hand into the back of the drawer. He pulls out an explanation of benefits. Reading the paper, it seems as though she went in for a lab test. Two more appointments followed underneath it. Online, he searches the codes. She had been pregnant. He shoves the paper back into the drawer.

The twentysomething woman tells him she’s having such a tough day at work. She mentions she’s thinking of coming home early. He nods, wanting to ask her about the baby. Was he the father? Why didn’t she tell him? She says he’s quiet. He sits on the bed and says he’s fine. She tells him she has to go. Her break’s over.

He had almost been a father. She should’ve talked to him about it. However, it may not have been his, either. But things were good with them now. As far as he knew, the relationship with the twentysomething man had been brief. It was old news. Bringing it up would lead to answers. Answers, ending the reasons and possibilities in an instant.

Director: Chris Robinson Year: 2004

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