Video Review: Miranda Lambert “Settling Down”

A thirtysomething man (Brendan McLoughlin) wears a suit as he stands in the doorway of his home in Nashville, Tennessee. Miranda Lambert rides a horse in the forest. She sits on the grass, a glass of wine on top her journal. As she sips her wine, she watches the thirtysomething man fish on the deck. He smiles at her while she writes.

She walks in the forest and sniffs red flowers. They cuddle in the hammock together and hold hands. He kisses her hand. They gaze at another while walking in the forest. He twirls her as they dance. Shirtless, he cuts some vegetables in the kitchen as Lambert hangs onto his arm. He kisses her temple and they clink their glasses together. Her dog licks her nose as she holds it in her arms. She leads the horse to the stable. He meets her halfway and kisses her forehead. They walk together to the stable.

Rating: 2.5/5

Miranda Lambert cleans the counter and puts the cloth in the washer. She searches for the right setting. It was a bit different from hers at home, Turning the dial, she stands back as the washing machine starts its cycle. She places the soap back in the cabinet. Sometimes she forgot and the thirtysomething man was annoyed by it.

She walks into the family room and grabs the leash. A magazine sat on the table. A celebrity was on the cover, a question underneath it, “Is The Love Real?” On the right side, his name and address was on it. She’d have to work it into conversation later. Everyday, she was learning something new about him. Her dog gives her its paw and she says they are leaving right now.

As they walk on his property, she visits with the horses and pets them. He turns to her as he sweeps and asks her to come here. They kiss for a long time. She says perhaps they should go back inside. He pulls up her hair and and touches her shoulders. She tells him she loves him. The thirtysomething man grins and says they’ll continue it later.. She blushes as she walks with the dog. He wanted her all the time. Although she tried, she couldn’t keep up with him. She had moved in, hoping they’d talk and to get to know each other better. A fortysomething man, her former crush, had texted her the the other day and had told her she looked well. She had re-read over and over, wondering if she should respond.

Director: Trey Fanjoy Year: 2020

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