Video Review: Boyzone “Picture of You”

Lit in gold, Ronan, Keith, Stephen, Michael and Shane drive. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) follows behind them on his bike. Ronan stops the car at a backdrop of two houses in a neighborhood. Keith, Stephen, Ronan, Michael and Shane perform in the neighborhood.

Lit in cornflower blue, they continue to perform against a white background. Lit in gold, Ronan taps his chest as Shane puts his hand on his shoulder. Keith pokes Ronan and laughs. Bean scrunches his face as he walks by them. He puts his fingers in his ears. Ronan chuckles while Bean dances around him.

Ronan, Keith, Stephen, Michael and Shane ride in the car as it shakes on the road. They dance with Bean. Stephen pulls on Shane’s arms as he leans against the car. Bean rides around the shaking car. Shane points his finger at Bean. Bean grins as he pulls a cord. Ronan, Shane, Michael, Keith and Stephen run away while Bean explodes the car. They continue to dance with Bean.

Rating: 3/5

Something was wrong with the car. Bean rides around Ronan, Keith, Stephen, Michael, and Shane as they drive. He grins at them. However, they talk to one another. Bean bumps into the side and Ronan shouts “hey!” He pulls ahead of them. The car wasn’t going to last long.

Ronan turns to Keith, Stephen, Michael and Shane, asking them, “what is up with that guy?” Shane says he doesn’t know. Michael mentions he looks familiar. Stephen agrees, saying they could’ve run into him somewhere. Ronan slams the car door shut and says he just has to run into the house for a minute.

Bean pokes his finger around under the hood. The car was a lost cause. It would be too expensive to buy a new transmission. He finds an explosive by a shed and hooks it up to the car. Stephen shouts for everyone to move. Ronan waves his hand in front of his face as the smoke clears. Keith exclaims, “what are we going to do now?” Ronan says he’s going inside and talking to the insurance. Shane says he’s going to call cab.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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