Video Review: Coi Leray & Lil Durk “No More Parties (Remix)”

A twentysomething man looks in the refrigerator and takes out a stroyoform container. He opens it and sits in the family. Coi Leray walks into the family room and moves the lamp, the cardinal yellow boa shifts as it lays on top it. A video plays on television as a second twentysomething man sleeps on the rug.

Leray walks onto her driveway and texts to her Leach “yo! I thought I said No More Parties!” She pets the goat as Leach responds, “my bad…I forgot.” She texts, “wya? My house is trashed.” She opens the door to her home and sees, a twentysomething woman sleeping by a paper plate of chicken wings. Laying the bathtub, she moves her hands between the candles on the floor.

Turning her head, she watches three twentysomething men play Beer Pong on the kitchen table. She sits on a couch and picks up a broken tablet. In the driveway, a fourth twentysomething man bumps into her as he drives a toy car. She dances in the driveway. Back inside her home, she pulls the streamers off the laps and picks up the framed photos. A fifth twentysomething man vapes on the couch as she puts her foot on his chest.

She and Lil Durk dance on the lawn. Lil Durk pulls people off her couch. He smacks the ping-pong ball out of one of the twentysomething man’s hand. A sixth twentysomething man spray paints the wall of the family room. Lil Durk throws him out. She finds some plastic red cups and puts them in the trash. Lil Durk takes a black bra hanging off the light.

A twentysomething woman sits on a chair on the lawn. Leray sits with several people on the porch steps. She and her a third twentysomething woman dance as they clean the floors. Lil Durk grins as she picks up a liquor bottle and pretends to drink. She runs around on the lawn.

Rating: 5/5

Coi Leray posts on social media none of her friends will be allowed to house sit for her. She adds photos of the mess. A few people delete her. One person comments that he was invited and told she knew about it. She responds she didn’t know about the party. A second person tells her Leach just made a mistake and she should forgive him. She says she trusted him and Leach ruined it.

Lil Durk turns his head as he sits on the couch. Leray walks over and asks if there was mud on it. Lil Durk pulls out the cushion and says there was some chocolate. Leray takes a picture of it and sends it to Leach. Lil Durk asks how much does Leach owes her. Leray says about $2,500. Something was stuck in her dishwasher and broke it. Lil Durk notes she may not see the money. Leray says she contacted her lawyer.

Leray accepts her $100 check from Leach. Leach emphasizes he wanted to bring it over in person and tell her how truly he was. Leray says they aren’t kids anymore. She saved up to finish the floors and special ordered some furniture. Leach says he knows some painters to help out with the wall. Leray says her best friend recommended someone to her and she’ll be going with them. Leach says it was good to see her. Leray sighs and asks to please send the money in the mail next time.

Director: Reel Goats Year: 2021

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