Video Review: Another Bad Creation “Playground”

Michael Bivins, RoRo, Red, Mark, Chris, David and G.A. walk past the Apollo Theater in Atlanta, Georgia. Lit in gold, RoRo blows out birthday candles at a party. RoRo, Red, Mark, Chris. David and G.A. dance against a black background.

They dance as the huddle together in a gym and chase each other in Go-Karts. David and G.A. hold water blasters and chase each other between the trees. In black-and-white, a subway leaves the station. They dance within the train. 13-year-old girls and boys watch as they dance in the park. Bivins records them on the video camera. He walks with them through the crowds. Dave leaps over a pole in the park.

In a boxing gym, he leapfrogs over Red, Mark and G.A. They stand by a barber shop. At the park, they do push-ups. They hang out by a food stand. During the night, they ride their bicycles on the sidewalk. Lit in gold, they sign autographs. Red laughs as Mark falls on his skateboard. Chris sits on top of a basketball hoop. In black-and-white, children throw the basketball into the hoop. Back in color, they run into the car. 13-year-old girls chase them.

Rating: 2/5

An 8-year-old boy pokes fun at G.A.’s hair. G.A. tells him to shut up. The 8-year-old boy pretends to cry. RoRo walks up to them and G.A. says he’s teasing him. RoRo says for him to go away. The 8-year-old boy sticks out his tongue at them and throws  the basketball at him.

Mike Bivins lifts Mark up to the lift and he dunks it in. David claps for him and tells him “good job!” Mark hands the ball to David. David dribbles it. Red attempts a block but David reaches over him. David says that’s two points. Mark picks up the ball and throws it. It hits the net. He comments that he wishes he were tall.

Chris describes how he wants his haircut to the barber. David and G.A. swivel in their chairs as they wait for their barber. RoRo spins as he walks in the aisle with his new haircut. Chris says it looks sweet. G.A. points to Chris and tells the barber that he wants. David talks to the barber about the basketball game. Mark says he’s going to be in the NBA someday. The barber asks David what he thinks. David says he likes it. Mike gives the barber his tip and pays for the bill.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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