Video Review: Demi Lovato “Dancing With The Devil”

An infusion runs through the tube as Demi Lovato sits up in the hospital bed. Underneath a disco ball, she has several drinks at the bar. Back in the hospital, a doctor checks her pupils. The backseat of a car blurs as she sits inside, her eyes fluttering.

Fluids drip into her body as she sleeps in the hospital bed. She texts on her phone as she walks in a hallway. A twentysomething man hands her a duffel bag as she sits on a bed. She unzips it. The twentysomething man stares at her and rolls her over on her side in bed. He walks out of the room. A twentysomething woman walks into the bedroom and rolls a lifeless Lovato.

The emergency medical technicians check her vitals in bed. She lies on a gurney as they put on an oxygen mask on her. A nurse dabs her face. Lovato puts her head on her head as stars shine behind the hospital bed. Family members visit her and cry. A nurse sponges her back. Using a sponge, the word survivor appears tattooed on her neck. She gets up from the hospital bed as the disco ball turns over her.

Rating: 1/5

Next on Lifetime: 8/9 Eastern. Saturday April 3, 2021: Demi Lovato: Wildfire.


Demi Lovato, one of Disney’s shining stars in the mid-2000s, secretly struggled with addiction. However, she continued to persevere. One particular night in 2013 almost takes her life and changes her forever. The overdose causes her to put her life into perceptive. While undergoing physical therapy, she realizes what she wants from life.

Relive each heart wrenching moment of her overdose as Lovato challenges herself to be number one priority and takes back her life. Starring Lovato as herself, watch her journey in this movie event! Make sure to hashtag #StrongDemi to join in the conversation. Stream now!

Stay tuned afterwards for the Demi Lovato: Happily Broken special, where she discusses never-before-seen details not featured in the movie and performs her new song, “Half Alive,” about her near-death experience. Song available at midnight.

Directors: Michael D. Ratner & Demi Lovato Year: 2021

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