Video Review: Gwen Stefani & Akon “The Sweet Escape”

Wearing a black striped outfit, Gwen Stefani grips the golden bars of the jail. Two twentysomething women, wearing black striped jumpsuits, sit in their cells. Stefani sits in her gold-plated cell. Weights sit beside the bed. The two twentysomething woman play with their golden cups ask for something to drink.

Wearing a white tank top, Stefani dances by a golden G. A golden parrot chirps. Against a black background, she kicks her legs on as she sits on a golden table. She and the two twentysomething women dance in their seats at the the table. The two twentysomething women lift weights in their cell. Stefani gestures for the dog to come over to her. The dog sits near her cell with the golden key in his mouth.

The two twentysomething women point their hands at the dog. A golden light emits from it and the dog lets go of the key. Akon dances by the golden G. She and the two twentysomething women run past the cells. A message reads: “Two Hours Later.” She sits on a white chair in a skyscraper. Unraveling her braid, she lets it drop to the pavement. The two twentysomething woman climb up the skyscraper with her hair. They reach her apartment. One of the twentysomething women cuts her hair.

A twentysomething woman hands her a duffel bag. Stefani takes out a black shirt. At night, she and the two twentysomething women run out of a 7-Eleven store. They wave goodbye to her as she gets into Akon’s car. Two policewomen follow her in their car. Stefani puts her hand over her mouth and laughs. Her hand on her cheek, Stefani sits in the jail cell.

Rating: 2/5

Gwen Stefani straightens out her sheet of paper as she stands in front of the parole board. She exhales and says in prison, she’s learned to let go. Despite escaping three years ago, she prefers not to rock the boat and has followed each rule to the letter. She even gave them information regarding the two twentysomething who helped her. Looking down, she walks back to her chair.

Her sister stands up and asks for her to be freed. She tells them Stefani has reformed and wants to work. She’ll return her debt to society. Her best friend speaks, saying he visits her once a month and she talks about having a family.

The parole board says they’ll discuss their decision. Her best friend smiles at her and squeezes her arm. Stefani continues to stare at her hands. No matter the decision. she wouldn’t be live her life as she wanted. Each night, she dreamed of taking a plane to out of the United States and living on another continent, away from anyone who knew her.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 2007

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