Video Review: Lil Nas X “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”

Over lavender clouds, Lil Nas X narrates “In life, we hide the parts of our selves we don’t want the world to see. We lock them away. We tell them no. We banish them. But here, we don’t.” A fiery snake slivers up to a tree as Lil Nas X plays the guitar. The snake speaks to him and he runs on the crystallized flowers.

He sees the snake’s face within the mauve storm clouds as lightning strikes and in a flower. The snake hypnotizes him and licks his golden body. Two women (also Lil Nas X), wearing teal outfits, hold onto him as he walks into arena. He falls onto the marble floor. In chains, he listen to the multiple women in teal outfits, standing on their platforms. The leader of the women waves a fan and wags her finger in his face. Statues stand up in the bleachers. A rock hits him and knocks him unconscious.

He slides down a pole into Hell. Landing on the fiery ground, he walks into the devil’s lair. The devil stares at him as he sits on his throne. He makes out with the devil. Sitting behind the devil, he touches his chest and breaks his neck. He places the horns on his head. His eyes glows and wings sprout from his back.

Rating: 5/5

Lil Nas X twirls the pitchfork as he walks on the fire-lined path. A hunchback hops towards him and growls, “you must be new.” Lil Nas X asks him for a tour. The hunchback leers at the devil’s slumped body in the throne and smirks. Lil Nax X gestures to the devil, says it shouldn’t be a problem. The hunchback says, “no sir.”

The vampiric bats flap in the sky and hurl towards the clouds. The hunchback explains they are such hungry souls. They devour people whole. The people below don’t even feel it. Lil Nas X watches as souls stretch and scream along the walls. The hunchback says they have to accept they are in Hell. Once they do, they materialize into their human selves again.

A twentysomething woman lands on the fiery path. She says she was just ejected from Heaven for speaking up. Lil Nas X spreads his arm and welcomes her. He says he’ll help her find her way. She breathes in the smoke and shrivels up into a rat. Lil Nas X picks her up and pets her. She nibbles his finger.

Directors: Tanu Muino & Lil Nas X Year: 2021

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