Video Review: ATB, Topic & A7S “Your Love (9 PM)”

A twentysomething woman sits at the table and reads ATB’s social media feed. A twentysomething man places a plate in the dishpan and walks over to the twentysomething woman. He leans by her, looking at ATB’s post asking for dancers. They smile at one another.

A group of twentysomething people line up outside by the stage door. A second twentysomething man lets them inside. A7S sings against a candy red background. The twentysomething man and woman cuddle as they ride the bus. A sign by the door says: “Please note. Solo Auditions Only. Casting Ends At 9 PM.”

A third twentysomething man rubs his hands together and stretches. He jerks his arms, kicks up his leg and falls during a turn. The fourth twentysomething walks towards the stage. ATB and Topic put their heads in their hands as they sit in the auditorium. The third twentysomething man pats the fourth twentysomething man’s shoulder. The fourth twentysomething man pirouettes and falls.

The twentysomething man and woman arrive. The second twentysomething man writes on his clipboard and tells the twentysomething woman, “you’re next.” The twentysomething man hugs her and gives her a kiss on the forehead. The twentysomething woman slides on stage during her dance and forgets the next step. ATB and Topic shake their heads. She cries into the twentysomething man’s arms. The twentysomething man swipes his arm, jerks it and falls on the floor. He hits the wall and she hugs him. They ask the second twentysomething to try again.

The second twentysomething man tells Topic and ATB, “one more…give ’em one more chance.” They sit back in their chairs. The twentysomething man and woman perform their routine together. They continue their routine against the candy red background. A7S walks out of the studio.

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething man pumps his arm as he talks with a pop singer’s manager. He tells the manager they’re interested and would like to meet with him. While they talk, he writes information on the notepad and says he’ll look out for the tickets.

The twentysomething woman closes the door to the home and puts her duffel bag on the floor. She sits on the couch and stretches her legs. The twentysomething man walks to the couch and says they have another job. They are going on tour. She exclaims, “what?” He tells her the manager is going to send them to the United States. She says she has to let her boss she needs the time off.

The twentysomething woman places her hand on his as they sit in the airplane. While the video plays the safety measures, she tells him she’s scared. He says he is, too and  takes out magazines for her. She says they’ll sleep through most of it. He puts on his headphones and watches a movie on his laptop. She rests her head on his shoulder.

Director: Marvin Ströter Year: 2021


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