Video Review: Robin S. “Luv 4 Luv”

In black-and-white, two fiftysomething women talk as they sit on chairs at the laundromat. A twentysomething man holds a teddy bear and rests his arm on the payphone. Robin S. wrings her sheet as she stands by the washing machine. A twentysomething woman kicks her leg. The twentysomething man talks on the phone while S. places quarters in the machine.

Two twentysomething men check out twin twentysomething women as they walk by. The second twentysomething woman dances. The twins load the machines and sit between their basket. A drag queen giggles and puts her hand on her heart. The two twentysomething men exchange confused glances. Three twentysomething men dance on top of the washing machines.

The twentysomething man slams the door on the machine. One of the fiftysomething women peeks through the window and comments. A second twentysomething man and woman talk. S. looks into the dryer as it spins. The twins pull at a towel. A third twentysomething man thanks the person next him for the quarter. The drag queen puts the taffeta part of her gown into the washer. The twins talk with the two twentysomething men on the sidewalk. A fourth twentysomething man washes his bare chest with soap. The two fiftysomething women walk away. S. folds her sheet.

Rating: 5/5

Robin S. leans against the washing machine and waits. She counts her quarters. Sometimes she was short. Two twentysomething men walk in with their baskets. She scoffs as they boast about their muscles. One of them usually left a woman. The women didn’t come back.

The drag queen taps her shoulder and tells her, “give me a hug.” S. asks her about her flight. The drag queen flips her hair and says she’s so tired. She had to do something. The whir of the washing machine would at least her let her doze off. The two twentysomething stare at her and laugh. S. glares at them and tells the drag queen she’ll stay with her. The drag queen sits on the floor and nods off. S. glances over at the two twentysomething men. They were watching the twin girls, giggling as they sit at their machines.

A twentysomething man whines, “but I love you” as he talks on the payphone. Robin S. turns to her head. The twentysomething man lived in her apartment building. They talked in the elevator when she came home from work. She’d seen the girlfriend once or twice. He really could do better. S. finds a chair and sits by the drag queen. The drag queen’s dryer stops. She taps the drag queen on her shoulder and wakes her. The drag queen says she feels a bit refreshed and comments the the two twentysomething men are otherwise occupied with the twins. S. says she’ll still walk out with her. The drag queen takes out her sheet, hands the end of it to S. and directs her to stand farther away.

Director: N/A Year: 1993

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