Video Review: Blu Cantrell & Sean Paul “Breathe”

Against an azure background, Sean Paul raps as Blu Cantrell looks at the floor. Cantrell speeds down the street, skidding as she makes a left turn. She dances with several twentysomething women against a white background. Sean Paul dances with her against the azure background.

Rating: 2/5

Sean Paul holds onto the seat as Blu Cantrell. He glances over his shoulder and checks for a police car. Cantrell says they are safe. People know to stay out of the area around the time. Paul says he needs a minute. She parks the car at the curb and feels his forehead. He says he’s okay as he sits with his head between his knees. She runs into the restaurant and asks for a plastic bag. The hostess hands her one.

Cantrell comments it’s so quiet as she and Paul sit in the park. He sets up the blanket and gets the basket. She says he didn’t have to go to all the trouble. Paul says he wanted to. As she bites into an apple slice, she apologizes for making him sick the last time. He says he was nervous and afraid. She says she gets it and mentions next time they’ll watch.

Paul hits the gas and takes off 60 miles per hour. Cantrell urges him to go faster. He says he’s okay at 100 mph. She says they are usually police around and tells him to ease up. A thirtysomething woman honks her horn at them and gives them the finger. Paul and Cantrell laugh. Cantrell says it’s a sign of a job well done.

Director: Hype Williams Year: 2003

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