Video Review: Chris Young & Kane Brown “Famous Friends”

Chris Young gets into his truck and puts on his seatbelt. Holding up his phone, he asks, ” Hey Google, play Famous Friends.” The Google assistant answers “sure.” Young drives his car.

Young and Kane Brown perform on a rooftop at night. He drives by the sidewalk in the Nashville, Tennessee and picks up Brown. As they drive, a thirtysomething man raises his red plastic cup at them. Brown smiles at him as he greets him. The thirtysomething man sits on a chair on a red carpet. Cameras flash as he poses by the velvet rope. In a split screen, Brown and Young look at the city (top) at the buildings (bottom).

In a triple screen, Brown points (upper left) as a dog walks on the sidewalk (bottom left) with a thirtysomething woman (right). They wave to the thirtysomething woman. The quadruple  split screen features the Dry Goods store and auto repair shop (upper left and right, respectively). The bottom shows the Dry Goods store at different angles, road (left) and across the street (right). A second quadruple split screen shows a fortysomething man, a firefighter. waving (upper left), the railroad tracks (upper right), a building (lower left), and a twentysomething man at the counter of a bar (lower right).

The thirtysomething woman stands on the red carpet, her dog on a leash while cameras flash. The thirtysomething man plays the guitar on the red carpet. The fortysomething man waves as he walks on the red carpet. The lights flash as the twentysomething man sits at the counter in the bar. A second twentysomething man holds a football in his hand as he stands on a field. Young and Brown continue to perform on the rooftop at night.

Rating: 3/5

Chris Young shouts “hey” as he stops at the traffic light. Kane Brown waves as he walks with the twentysomething man. Young pulls into the first lane and parks. Brown introduces the twentysomething man to Young. Young says, “Brown says you work in a bar?” The twentysomething gets into the backseat and says he’s been there for about three years. Brown interjects, saying he makes the best vodka martini. Young says they’ll have to go on his next shift.

Brown turns in the front seat and shows him his phone. He says his wife wants to meet with him, if possible. The twentysomething man says his baby has really grown as he scrolls through the photos on Brown’s phone. Young stops at the fire station and gestures for them to come with him. The fortysomething man greets them. Young grins, saying the fortysomething has saved multiple homes and pets in the city. They walk into the station and Young shows them a newspaper with the fortysomething man on it. Brown exclaims, “wow!” A few firefighters ask for pictures with Brown. The fortysomething man says Brown may want to be left alone. Brown tells him it’s fine. The firefighters stand in line to take a picture with him.

Young taps his foot as the thirtysomething man plays the guitar. Brown tells him he’s really good. Young explains he’s been trying to get him on the road with him for the years. The thirtysomething man says it’s just for fun. Brown tells him he has open invitation to join him on tour. Young pats his shoulder and says he’s going to get them a couple of beers. The thirtysomething man’s 8-year-old daughter runs up to Young and asks him, “Uncle Chris, I made a drawing for you.” She gives it to him. He tells her it’s great and he’s going to hang it in his bus. The thirtysomething man says she started working on it once she found out he was coming over.

Director: Peter Zavadi Year: 2021

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