Video Review: Tom Grennan “Little Bit of Love”

Tom Grennan leans against the window as the sun sets. Four twentysomething men push each other on the lawn while Grennan holds a duffel bag. Back at home, he flops onto the couch. His 13-year-old brother  (Luke Kelly)  sits on the floor, watching a swimming competition on television as he sits on the couch, playing on his phone.

He carries an inflatable pool and rubs his brother’s head as they walk in to the backyard. His brother checks on his lizard in the aquarium and talks to it. He puts his hands in his hair as he stands by a chair outside the apartment building. Grennan blows into the inflatable and motions for his brother to come over.

Grennan teaches his brother the various strokes on the lawn. His brother treads water in the pool. He greets the four twentysomething men and opens his duffel bag, which is full of money. One of the twentysomething men shows him a picture of a twentysomething man. The 13-year-old boy looks out the window during the sun set.

The 13-year-old boy sits at the kitchen table and eats cereal. Grennan shouts as he pulls out a packet and throws it on the floor. He and the 13-year-old boy push and shove each other. The 13-year-old boy grabs the duffel bag and drops the drugs into the pool. Grennan smacks the edges of the pool and splashes the water as he fishes for the money. Lit in red, money dries on the clothesline as Grennan sits outside.

The 13-year-old boy and Grennan continue to watch television. They jerk as a brick gets thrown through the window. A message on it reads, “tomorrow.” He hugs his 13-year-old brother on the couch. Back on the lawn, Greenan stews and runs through the group of twentysomething men, tossing the duffel bag in the air. He nudges his 13-year-old brother in his bed. They get up and run  to the lake. He asks his 13-year-old brother if he’s ready. His 13-year-old brother nods. They take off their shirts and dive into the lake. At night, they sit on a raft with a clothesline of drying money, a lamp and a chair.

Rating: 5/5

Tom Grennan rings up a sale at the grocery store. He turns off his light. Some customers grumble. A twentysomething man in line aims his soda can at him. Grennan ducks and crawls to the break room. A manager opens the door for him and asks him if he’s okay. Grennan sits on a chair and says he’s okay. The manager says security is taking care of it. Grennan tells her he wants to stay in here.

The 13-year-old boy grins as he receives his medal. He searches for Grennan in the bleachers and looks down once he sees he’s not there. Grennan promised and told him he would take the day off. His coach and teammates congratulate him. He sits on the bench and whispers to the coach that he needs a ride. The coach says he’ll find someone for him.

Grennan peeks through the window and hides as a car pulls up in the driveway. The door unlocks and Grennan stands with a bat. The 13-year-old boy says it’s just him. Grennan hugs him and tells him they have to pack up. The 13-year-old boy tells him, “no!” He says he likes his school. Grennan says a guy throw something at him at the store. He quit on the spot. The 13-year-old boy pulls at his Grennan’s arm and cries out for him to call his job. Grennan says to find the raft. The 13-year-old boy pricks it with his pin. Grennan says he won’t able be able to take care of him anymore. The 13-year-old boy throws the medal on the floor and says he won. Grennan picks it up and sighs. He places it on the table and calls up their dad.

Director: Keane Pearce Shaw Year: 2021

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