Video Review: Tracy Chapman “Fast Car”

Tracy Chapman plays the guitar. A building stands in the background. A fortysomething person folds their hands. Light shines on a hardwood floor. He points as he stands by a fence. Apartment buildings stand in a neighborhood. Tree grows in a sandy field. A barn sits near a home.

The moon hangs against the background as she continues to sing. Several two-story homes stand the suburbs. An 8-year-old boy holds a lollipop in his hand and looks up at his mother, who grabs his arm. On the sidewalk, a part of the sidewalk has several marks.

Rating: 5/5

Tracy Chapman dabs her 7-year-old niece’s mouth. She tells her she has to get her backpack. The 7-year-old girl says she doesn’t want to go to school. Chapman says she has to go and that’s final. Her sister hands Chapman the backpack and kisses her daughter.

Her niece comments the car is making funny noises again. Chapman looks in the mirror and says she hasn’t had time to get it fixed. Her niece says but it’s so old. She should just get a new one and talks about her mom’s new car. Chapman says she’d like to get a new one and parks the car at school. She tells her to have a good day. The 7-year-old girl says for not to forget to pick her up. Chapman remarks she won’t and turns right onto the road. She may be able to make her shift on time.

A thirtysomething man grins at her as she clocks in. He says she didn’t know she was coming in day. Chapman forces a smile and says she decided to pick it up. The thirtysomething man asks her if she’d like to go out for a drink afterwards. Chapman puts on her headset and says she can’t. She calls up the first customer and asks them about their lawn service. The person hangs up. Her manager walks by and asks her if she can stay an extra two hours. She tells him, “no.” As she waits for the her last caller to get out of her credit card, she rubs her temple and looks through a real estate magazine.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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