Video Review: Avril Lavigne “Don’t Tell Me”

A twentysomething man sits on the left side of the bed. Avril Lavigne watches him as he walk out of her bedroom. She puts her head into her knees and looks out the window of her apartment. Scooching of the bed, she drinks a glass of water on her nightstand as he walks in the hallway.

She paces and throws her glass against the wall. Sitting on the bed, she plays the guitar. She takes off her bedspread and throws it on the floor. As he continues to walk in the hallway, she punches the mirror. She runs her hand on the wall while she follows behind him in the hallway.

He opens the door of the apartment building and walks onto the sidewalk. She stays behind. A car presses on its brakes as they cross the street. He turns around and looks at the people walking on the sidewalk. She opens the passenger door of a parked car. In an electronics store, she sings on the stack of televisions. She glares at him, her hands on the apartment window. At the corner, he walks on the left side of the sidewalk as she floats in the air.

Rating: 3.5/5

Avril Lavigne’s lip quivers as she looks into the mirror. Staring at the floor, she wills herself not to cry. She wasn’t going to sob over a boy. Certainly not over a boy who only wanted sex from her. Grabbing tissues from her dresser, she wails and lies on her bed. She couldn’t face him in class ever again.

Lavigne doodles in her notebook as her professor talks about formulas. The twentysomething man whispers to a twentysomething woman a few rows over. She puts her head down and picks at her thumb. The twentysomething woman sits by her in class the next week. She asks her about the twentysomething man. Lavigne tells her to stay away from him. She scoffs and says she’s so jealous. Lavigne hisses he tried to pressure her into sex. The twentysomething woman sits back and gulps.

Lavigne bites into an apple as she sits in the cafeteria. A second twentysomething man pulls up a chair next to her and asks her about her test. She laughs and says she passed. They smile at one another. He asks her if she’d like to talk in his dorm. She says she’d like to. As she sits on his bed, he takes off his shirt and leans in to kiss her. She kisses him and pulls away. He runs his hand through her hair and asks her what’s wrong. She says she’s okay with just making out. He touches her chin and says it’s okay with him. She cuddles next to him. In class, she opens her notebook and realizes the second twentysomething woman hasn’t been there for two weeks. The twentysomething man snickers with his friends. She takes the test from the person in front of her and passes it back. Out of the corner of her eye, she glances at the second twentysomething woman’s desk.

Director: Liz Friedlander Year: 2004

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