Video Review: Central Cee “Commitment Issues”

A twentysomething woman leans into the window of the car and smiles at Central Cee. Cee talks on the phone as he walks on the sidewalk. She sits in the passenger seat of his car. He counts change as they sit at the counter. She watches him and flips her hair.

They talk on the sidewalk. She plays with the strings of his hoodie and compares their height. They eat out of a takeout container as they lean against the window of K2 Chicken. Cee writes in his notebook in the studio. He closes his eyes as he rests his head on the top of the couch. She stares at him, watching him sleep. He touches his cheek.

Putting on his helmet, he walks down the stairs and rides on the back of his friend’s motorcycle. He runs into his house and smiles at the twentysomething woman as she sits on the couch. Cee flicks the money in the air.  The video of it plays on television in the studio. The views go up as Cee and the producer dance in their seats.

The twentysomething woman and Cee talk with a sales clerk at a jewelry store. They sit together on a bench while he looks at his tennis shoe. They carry their bags as they walk on the sidewalk at night. She grins as he holds her hand at the restaurant. Lit in sky blue, she sits in bed and watches Cee’s online stories.

A second twentysomething woman gives the finger as she takes a photo with him. The twentysomething woman packs up her clothes in a duffel bag. He walks on the stairs, staring at his phone as she cuts up photos with him. She puts on her jacket and runs into him as she leaves. He takes her arm and she pulls it away. Giving him the finger, she walks down the stairs. He continues to record in the studio.

Rating: 3.5/5

The twentysomething woman spins the ring Central Cee bought her around her finger. The twentysomething man gestures for the check. She gives him $10 and walks out of the restaurant. The twentysomething man runs up beside her and tells her he’s not Central Cee. She says it’s not about him. The twentysomething man says he gets it. Throwing up his hands, he tells her it’s up to her and that he’s not going to fight.

Cee excuses himself as he bumps into someone. He and the twentysomething woman freeze on the sidewalk. She says she was just going home. He grins and says she kept the ring. Smirking, she says it’s an investment. Cee nods, saying, “fair enough.” She stares at the pavement. He offers his umbrella and walks home with her. She says it was good to see him. He says, “me, too.”

Cee hangs his head as he walks back home. His current girlfriend texts him and he ignores it. No promises, no attachments. It was the rule. However, he had wanted to talk to the twentysomething again, tell her he was being foolish. It was too late now, though. He deletes the twentysomething woman’s number off his phone. It was better this way.

Director: Teeezy C Year: 2021

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