Video Review: Carrie Underwood “Temporary Home”

A 12-year-old boy sits on a bench and plays with the top of his suitcase. He swings his legs as his foster mom talks to the social worker. Carrie Underwood stands in the forest, wearing a light pink sweater and a red scarf around her neck, at night. His foster mom takes his hand and they walk out of the center. Underwood sits in the cab and watches as his foster mom fixes his jacket. He smiles at Underwood and holds his foster mom’s hand as they walk.

A thirtysomething woman kisses her 8-year-old daughter on the forehead. They walk into the laundromat. She talks with the clerk and fills out an application on the clipboard. Underwood, in the taxi, watches them as they walk out of the laundromat. She smiles at the the thirtysomething woman.

The taxi drops Underwood near the hospital. She walks into the hospital and takes the elevator. Looking from left to right, she searches for the correct direction of the hospital. Her mom checks her watch. Her dad and 15-year-old sister sit on the bench outside the room. She hugs her mom and walks into the room. “Hey,” she says as she hugs her grandfather. He pats her shoulder, saying, “hey baby.” Sniffing, she whispers “thanks for waiting for me.” He tells her, “you know I wouldn’t leave without you saying goodbye.” She bites her lip as she sits in the chair, telling him, “thank you.”

He whispers, “I’ve missed you.” She holds his hand, saying, “I’ve missed you, too.” He asks her, “Is your mother here?” Glancing over her shoulder, she tells him, “everybody’s outside.” He tells her, “I love you.” She replies, “I love you, too.” Snow falls on her as she continues to stand in the forest.

Rating: 5/5

The 12-year-old boy plays a video game with his 14-year-old foster brother. His foster brother facepalms as he runs into the wall. The 12-year-old boy smiles and offers him his controller for the next level. Sometimes, the kids in the houses got jealous and then made up things about him. The 14-year-old boy says it’s still his turn. He’ll defeat him after dinner.

He folds his jeans and puts them in the drawer after school. His foster dad knocks on the door and opens. He jumps and drops some of his socks. His foster dad says they are watching a movie and asks him what he likes on his popcorn. The 12-year-old boy shrugs and tells him plain is okay and picks up his socks. As he folds them, his foster dad says they want his vote for the movie. The 12-year-old boy nods and walks with his foster dad into the family room. His foster mom shows him several videos and asks him to pick. He points to the comedy. Everyone likes comedy. His foster mom says it’s the tie-breaker and puts the movie in the player.

The 12-year-old boy’s foster mom places a gift on the table. She says it’s for him. He says it’s not his birthday or a holiday. She says they wanted to. He opens the present and sees it’s an adoption certificate. While he reads it, he holds back tears. His foster family really loved him. They were his family now. He had a mom, a dad and a brother. His 14-year-old brother asks him if he wants to play a video game. His mom says just for a half hour or so. They are going out to dinner tonight.

Director: Deaton Flanigan Year: 2010

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