Video Review: KSI, Yungblud & Polo G “Patience”

Polo G stands in a cemetery. Straw-like weeds grow from the gravestones. Bats fly past him. Yungblud reaches his hand out of the ground and pulls himself out of the dirt at night. He lights a cigarette and exhales. A butterfly flies over him. He tosses the cigarette.

The lit cigarette lands on leaves. KSI sits in the middle of the burning forest. Yungblud sits next to him. He studies a piece of paper, roasting on a skewer. Carrying a baseball, he walks around KSI and hits him. KSI and Yungblud, with the bat, dance on top of a rusted boat. They swim in the water and submerge themselves. Eyes closed, KSI floats in the water. A shark eats him.

Yungblud kicks a bucket with water in it inside an abandoned church. KSI and Yungblud continue to dance as the band plays. They jump onto the ground. Yungblud falls into the quicksand.

Rating: 3.5/5

Polo G lays a rose on the grave of his friend. He kneels and talks to him about what’s going on with their friends. A bat beelines for his head and he ducks. He stands up as the bat flutters around his head. The bat nips him and he screams as he touches his neck. Blood covers his hands as he removes his hand. He faints on the straw-like weeds.

The bat transforms into Yungblud. Yungblud licks his lips as he walks by the graves. He bites his arm and puts it underneath Polo G’s mouth. G groans and shoves his arm away. Yungblud commands him to drink. G listens and consumes the blood. Yungblud returns to being a bat and flies away. He’ll return in the morning.

Polo G wakes up and feels a hunger for blood inside him. He digs at the dirt, saying he can’t be dead. The bat flies towards to him and G recognizes its eyes. Yungblud, back in human form, shakes his hair out and puts his arm around G. G says he can’t and asks to be to be staked. Yungblud waves his finger, telling him he still hasn’t fed. He reads a text from G’s phone and exclaims, “Ohh! KSI wants to know if you can go out sometime tonight.” Yungblud taps “yes” on the phone and says they have their plans for the evening.

Directors: Roscoe & Nayid Ramos Year: 2021

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