Video Review: Olivia Rodrigo “Deja Vu”

Olivia Rodrigo licks some ice cream from the top of the cup as she drives in Malibu, California. She parks on the curb of a home. Looking over her shoulder, she walks under an arch and into the backyard. The door ajar, she watches as a twentysomething woman (Talia Ryder), wearing a Molly Goddard dress, pushes her back in front of the mirror in her bedroom.

Unzipping the garment bag, Rodrigo tries on the same dress in the bathroom. A flash of the twentysomething appears beside her. She walks to a stack of televisions by her mirror. Each television plays a different memory. She bends down and watches the twentysomething woman lie on a diving board. On another television, Rodrigo leans against the rock as she walks on the sand.

Rodrigo and the twentysomething woman, both wearing the same white sleeveless dress, play with their braids, as they sit on the edge of the pool. They both eat a cup of ice cream. Rodridgo looks into her handheld mirror and sees the twentysomething woman staring at her. She sits up on the diving board. The twentysomething woman and Rodrigo stand next to each other. She puts her hand on the twentysomething woman’s shoulder.

The twentysomething woman waves to her on each of the television sets. Rodrigo walks on the sand while the twentysomething sits on the rock. The twentysomething woman winks as Rodrigo smashes the televisions with the a hammer. A cup of ice cream sits on the passenger seat as the twentysomething woman drives the car in Malibu.

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething woman holds her boyfriend’s hand as they walk along the boardwalk. They talk about their favorite television shows. She tries a pair of sunglasses. He buys her a flower. She says he’s such a good person. Her eye lands on Olivia Rodrigo, sitting at a table on the boardwalk, eating ice cream. She suggests they should go home.

She laughs as she sips her glass of wine as she sits with her friends on the patio. Her best friend notices her ring and says it’s gorgeous. The twentysomething woman blinks and sees Rodrigo parked in her car, watching them from the curb. Her friend pours her another glass of wine and she says she’s had too much. Pointing her finger, she asks her friends if they see anyone. Her friends crane their necks and tell  her there’s no one around.

Rodrigo mimics the twentysomething woman’s laugh. It was bit lower than hers. However, she was able to match the tone. She puts on her sunglasses and drives to the church. While the choir sings, Rodrigo finds her usual seat in the back and watches as the twentysomething woman holds the hymn book. Her boyfriend, Rodrigo’s ex, glances at it and mumbles the words.

Director: Allie Avital Year: 2021

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