Video Review: BTS “Film Out”

Jung Kook stands in the center of a family room. Clouds roll by in the sky. White sheets cover the furniture. V sits on the couch. Jungkook stands in the dark, walks to the window and sees RM.

RM stares at the floor. Jung Kook  turns around and walks while RM talks with V on the couch. Jung Kook picks up the hourglass. V watches the sand disappear within the hourglass on the table. Suga sits on a white platform on the rusty sand by the mountains. Jung Kook stands at the window as Suga, Jin, RM, V. J-Hope and Jimin fade. JungKook touches the window while J-Hope sits back to back on the white platform.

The sand fills the hourglass on the table. JungKook shields his head as the debris breaks through the windows. Flames hang back by the wall. V stands against a marmalade background. JungKook runs and opens the door. He stands on a piece of rock and sees other floating doors in the sky.

Suga and J-Hope look at one another through the glass. Lit in powder blue, they stand together. Jungkook walks to the window. Jin reaches out with his hand as the empty house darkens.

Rating: 5/5

JungKook holds onto the door as the rock lands on the rusty sand. He sends a group text to Jin, Suga, RM, V, J-Hope and Jimin. However, he receives an error. There wasn’t a signal. He was on his own. Some of his skin scrapes off as he touches it. A twentysomething woman says she heard about an explosion. He says he was in it and asks about his friends. The twentysomething woman shakes her head and puts a bandage on his arm. He blushes and says he has to go.

He hikes up the mountain. Usually, with his friends, he didn’t have much time for it. He gazes at the sky and spreads out the sleeping bag. The twentysomething woman tells him it’s beautiful. She’s lived in the mountains all her life and never went saw it. Jin sends a picture of his meal. He was a cook at a restaurant somewhere on the beach. JungKook shows the twentysomething woman and gives her a quick history of his friendship with Jin. She says Jin may visit sometime next year. Jungkook says a lot of changed within the past 5 years. He’s gotten okay with not seeing him.

RM wanders around the reception area. He wasn’t sure if JungKook would recognize him. It was at least a decade since they’d been split apart. JungKook exclaims, “Oh my!” and puts his arm around him. RM whispers, “is the entire building yours?” JungKook nods and says he bought it about two years. RM’s hand trembles as he walks through the office. JungKook points to the right and says that’ll be his desk and gestures for a thirtysomething woman to come over. JungKook says she’ll take him to fill out the paperwork. RM follows the thirtysomething woman. The thirtysomething woman comments it’s nice to meet one of JungKook’s oldest friends. RM says he’s done really well for himself. She asks for him to sit in the chair and hands him some paperwork.

Director: Yong Seok Choi Year: 2021


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