Video Review: Corina “Temptation”

In black-and-white, Corina dances in silhouette by a window. Two twentysomething men dance in silhouette, their bodies stretched as they move. Corina’s body extends as she dances. Against a royal blue background, she performs a routine with two twentysomething men.

She sits on a chaise lounge by the window. Ruby red curtains hang in the window, parted in the center. A twentysomething man and women dance together against a copper background. On a television set, she sings as she sits on the chair. She dances against the royal blue background by herself. Turning her head, she continues to sit on the chaise lounge.

Rating: 2/5

Corina side-eyes the twentysomething man as he sits beside her. The twentysomething man whispers to her, “you’re beautiful.” She clenches her teeth and asks him, “is it over?” He answers, “almost.” She gets up from the seat and walks to her car.

Almost wasn’t an answer. The twentysomething man was still with his wife. She calls up her ex-boyfriend and asks if she can come over. Her ex-boyfriend says she made her decision. She slams the phone down and paces around the kitchen table.

The twentysomething man turns the key into the door. Corina lies on the couch, flipping her hair. He puts down his suitcase and says he can stay for the week. Corina raises her eyebrows and leans forward. He takes out a manila folder from his jacket and says for her to open them. She takes the papers out and exclaims, “oh my!” as she reads the divorce papers.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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