Video Review: Navos “Believe Me”

The counselor in the rehabilitation center asks, “who’s next?” A twentysomething woman looks to her left and right. Raising her hand, she says, “I can.” As she talks, she says, “I miss the bass. Just standing next to a speaker and feeling it. I even miss the sweat when it would land on the ceiling and drip back down….I’d do anything for that right now. Thanks, guys.” The people in the room clap.

A twentysomething man looks out the window of his room at the facility. The receptionist, wearing her Rave Rehab, lanyard, hands the twentysomething woman a form. The twentysomething woman chooses the image on the left. The twentysomething woman and the other patients, wearing sweatshirt and pants, walk the stairs.

The counselor asks them during the session, “so let’s think back to a time when the clubs were open. Who’d like to share?” She and several twentysomething men stare at the floor. The twentysomething man raises his hand. He says, “I think back about the last time I went out.”

The twentysomething woman and several others stand in a line outside. The physical fitness instructor straightens their arms and has them stretch. The twentysomething man dances in his seat while sharing his thoughts. He wears a virtual reality headset over his eyes in the hallway. People dance in the club as the lights flash. He dances in the hallway. A second twentysomething man dances outside while the other patients nod their heads.

The teacher points to a graph, indicating the drop in a music theory class. The twentysomething men and women take notes at their desks. The physical fitness instructor measures the twentysomething woman’s arms. The receptionist gives a red, puffy coat to the twentysomething women. Several people wear virtual reality headsets and dance in the hallway.  Wearing bright tops and jeans, the twentysomething men and women dance on the rooftop. Lit in scarlet red, they laugh and encourage each other as Navos plays his set. The twentysomething men and women lean against the railing at night and watch the city.

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething woman checks out of the facility. She tells a few of the people they’ll get together once they can. The twentysomething man says they’ll see each other soon. The twentysomething woman sits in the lobby and reads through her discharge papers. She receives a notification on her phone that her medication is ready.

Her sister tells her she’s looks a lot better. The twentysomething woman nods and says she had a chance to talk to people again. Her sister says she’s been glad to be not around people. It’s taken at least a week for her to return texts. The twentysomething woman says, while they are together, she wants to know if they can go shopping next weekend. Her sister shakes her head and tells her she’s being irresponsible.

The twentysomething woman presses buttons on her laptops. It wouldn’t turn back on again. She dials the number for tech support. A thirtysomething woman representative asks for her name. She marvels at talking at an actual human and gives her information. The thirtysomething woman walks her through the steps. She cheers as the screen appears on the laptop. Clapping, she tells the thirtysomething woman they make a great team. The thirtysomething woman tells her to have a great day. The twentysomething woman hangs up and clicks the link for the Zoom support meeting.

Director: Dan French Year: 2021

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