Video Review: Duncan Laurence “Arcade”

Duncan Laurence moves his arm and sits on the bottom of the ocean floor. He swims towards the surface and forms shapes with his hands. Reaching out his hands, he sees people on land during the nighttime. He shakes his head as he treads water. He walks on land and stands with the people. Back in the ocean, he continues to swim and sits in the fetal position.

Rating: 1/5

Duncan Laurence swats the rope away. Some voices shout “we found him!” Laurence swims out of reach of the rescue team. He preferred to stay in the ocean. So far, he ate a few small fish. He wasn’t really hungry. However, his was losing strength in his body. He closes his eyes. Sleeping was becoming frequent.

A twentysomething woman shouts for someone to go into the ocean. He watches the silhouette of the twentysomething woman lean on the railing and call his name. Someone cared. He holds up his hand and splashes the water. It was all he could do.

A group of people toss some food to the ocean. He battles the fish for the scraps of bread. The twentysomething woman says she can pray for him. A couple of people mutter. As he the boat takes off, he rushes to reach the surface. His hand clings to the bottom. However, the current shakes him off and he crashes into some algae. For two days, he waits for the boat. The twentysomething woman was at least thinking of him. He swims and reaches the shore. His body aching, he continues to walk. He wanted to know who the twentysomething woman was. She had been his lifeline. Within the group of people, he sees shadows and knows he has become one of them.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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