Video Review: Imagine Dragons “Follow You”

Kaitlin (Kaitlin Olson) tells her husband, a fortysomething man (Rob McElhenney) , puts her hands over his eyes as she leads down the stairs in the venue. He asks her, “Kaitlin, what are we doing here?” She takes her hands off his eyes and tells him “happy birthday!” Turning his head from left to right, he asks, “what’s this?” She tells him, “it’s a private concert by your favorite concert.” Walking towards to the stage, he says, “You got The Killers! You got The Killers for my birthday!”

She replies “no,” as they find seats. He calls out “Brandon! Yo, Ronnie, let’s do it! He’s going to be singing right to me.” As they sit down, she says, “No, he won’t.” He says, “huh?” She responds, “Yeah. It’s not The Killers. It’s Imagine Dragons.” He says, “that’s your favorite band.” She says, “yeah. I know.” He tells her, “I don’t want to hear those guys.” She grabs a wine bottle, telling him. “Well, they are like seven feet away and it’s too late. So just enjoy.” He puts his hand on his forehead.

He leans back in his chair, his head tilted back while Kaitlin stares at Dan, who sings into the microphone on stage. She imagines Dan singing, his shirt open and waves to him. Wayne forms a heart with his hand. Daniel flexes his arm. Ben shows off his Kaitlin tattoo on his arm. The fortysomething man glares at her and imagines himself singing on stage. He plays each of the instruments. Ben aims his guitar at her as he plays. She winks at him. Her husband pounds his chest as he performs shirtless on stage. They smile at one another and clink their glasses.

The fortysomething man jumps off the stage and hands her a rose. They kiss. The fortysomething man and Dan perform shirtless on stage. They hold hands and walk away from the stage. Dan tells them, “No, no, no guys. We like have 10 more songs.” The fortysomething man tells him, “no, we don’t want to hear anything else.” She says to her husband, “yeah, let’s get out of here before they play ‘Radioactive.'” While they run, he asks, “you didn’t pay them, did you?” She responds, “I mean, not yet.” Dan laughs to himself.

Rating: 5/5

Dan hands Kaitlin a bottle of wine as she opens the door of her home. Kaitlin exclaims, “ooh!” and says it may not last the night. He says he has a cooler in his car. She calls her husband to come downstairs. Whispering to Dan, she says, “he’s been looking forward to this all day.”

The fortysomething man gives Dan a hug and says he can help with the cooler. She munches on nachos as the fortysomething man and Dan set up the table in the basement. She puts her foot up on the table and videos them. Dan and the fortysomething man wave to the camera.

Brandon Flowers walks into the the family room. The fortysomething man exclaims, “It’s Brandon!” Kaitlin says Dan introduced them. Brandon exchanges a confused glance with Kaitlin. Kaitlin links her arms with Brandon and says she and Brandon are going to hang out while they play poker. The fortysomething man shouts, “wait!” and trudges the cooler up by himself. The beers roll out onto the floor. Wayne, Ben and Daniel step on the cans as they walk inside. Kaitlin says she and Brandon are going to go out to eat. Brandon whispers to her, “but your husband…” She handwaves it, saying, “he won’t care.” The fortysomething watches the door close and asks Dan, “did that really happen? We have to do something!” Dan grabs his keys. Wayne cracks his knuckles. Ben comments finds the pick from the fireplace. The fortysomething man takes Dan’s keys and says they have to leave now. Dan sits in the passenger seat and holds onto the dashboard as the fortysomething man takes off.

Director: Matt Eastin Year: 2021

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