Video Review: Truth Hurts & R. Kelly “The Truth”

The host welcomes the crowd at the lounge. He says, “we got a special guest in the house. Please show some love for Truth Hurts. Give it y’all for Truth Hurts. My girl!” A twentysomething man shifts in his seat. Wearing a cardinal yellow blouse and mini-skirt, she bobs her head as she sings on stage.

The twentysomething man talks to his girlfriend, sitting next to him. Within Truth Hurts’ eye, she sings against a teal spiral background. Several twentysomething woman talk to other women sitting across them. The twentysomething man exhales and puts his head down. Truth Hurts carries bags as she walks out of a store with two of her friends.

Truth Hurts walks into the kitchen and listens to the messages on the answering machine. She confronts him on the sidewalk by the barbershop. A second twentysomething man breaks them apart. A fortysomething woman (Mo’Nique) tells Truth Hurts and several other women, “Now I told you when you first met him, he was filth. Just trash. …He’s contagious and flippin’ pages. You don’t know what do with yourself.” Truth Hurts, says, “Game recongnize game. It’s how I handled mine.” A third twentysomething woman responds, “I got game.” The fortysomething woman tells her, “stop trippin’.” A third twentysomething man walks into the family room and the fortysomething woman tells him to “get back. Don’t do it, player.”

Truth Hurts continues to sing on stage. His girlfriend gets up from her seat. She fends off a fourth twentysomething woman. The twentysomething man tells the table of twentysomething woman to shut up. Truth Hurts drops the microphone and walks off the stage. Truth Hurts closes her eye.

Rating: 1/5

Truth Hurts crosses her leg and laughs as a fifth twentysomething woman calls out the twentysomething man. The twentysomething man walks up to her table and a crowd of twentysomething women gather. They were all on her side. At some point, they had been taken in by her boyfriend. She sips her wine and asks him about his girlfriend. He says she’s gone and it’s all because of her. She shrugs and says, “that’s the way it goes.” The twentysomething man says she’s not proving anything.

The sixth twentysomething taps her fingers against her cheek as she watches Truth Hurts argue with the twentysomething man. A seventh twentysomething woman scoffs, saying “he knows she likes drama. He wanted to part of it.” The sixth twentysomething woman comments, “but our tips go up.” The seventh twentysomething woman says she has go back to her tables.

Truth Hurts switches channels on the television. Her mother, the fortysomething woman, tells her to keep the judge show on. Truth Hurts says it’s a re-run. The fortysomething woman says she likes the reactions. Truth Hurts heaves a sigh and says she’s going to go shopping. The fortysomething woman tells her to bring something back for her, one of those nice dresses. Truth Hurts guffaws and says she’ll see if she can find something.

Director: N/A Year: 2002

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