Video Review: Megan Thee Stallion & Lil Durk “Movie”

Cars drive in the city at night. A neon cowgirl sign sits on top the building. Megan Thee Stallion touches her hair as she dances in silhouette by a golden, pleated flower. Money falls from the ceiling as the DJ’s stand at their booth. A twentysomething woman slides down the pole at the strip club. Several twentysomething women drink liquor right from the bottle as they stand by a table.

Stallion circles around the pole on stage. Lil Durk stands on a table. Stallion flicks money at a second twentysomething woman as she dances on the pole. Durk throws money as two twentysomething women dance by him on the table. Stallion stands on a couch while a dozen twentysomething shake their butts by the DJ booth. She pour some liquor down a third twentysomething’s throat. A fourth twentysomething woman eats some chicken wings as she holds a plate.

Stallion pats the butt of a twentysomething woman. The third twentysomething holds a liquor bottle and money to her ears. A fifth twentysomething woman guzzles some liquor from the bottle. A twentysomething laughs and puts his hands on her shoulders. Stallion continues to dance by the DJ booth.

Rating: 1.5/5

Megan Thee Stallion walks through the strip club. She chats with a few of the regulars. Behind the bar, the bartender tells her he has a horrible feeling about the thirtysomething man sitting at table 10. She says she’ll keep an eye on him.

Knocking on the door, she says she’s going to walk in. Her dancers tell her to give them a minute. She walks by their vanities, looking for drugs. One of the twentysomething women says she can’t stay for her full shift and needs to be gone by 2 a.m. Stallion it’s okay and informs them of the thirtysomething man at table ten. One of the twentysomething women asks her to talk with her in private. Stallion gestures for her to follow her into her office.

A twentysomething woman chokes on the liquor and Stallion calls for help. She had only poured a sip down her throat. The assistant manager tries to get her to breathe. The twentysomething woman coughs and says she’s all right. Stallion says to the assistant manager she’s ending the practice now. She prefers not to call an ambulance or have the news show up. The assistant manager says he’ll write out the memo now. Stallion walks on stage and performs a dance on the pole. The crowd cheers. She says to check the website to sign up for her pole dancing classes. Money flows through the air as Stallion walks back to her office.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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