Video Review: Robbie Williams “Millennium”

Robbie Williams leans against a car inside Pinewood Studios in London, England. Wearing a suit, he dances against a golden tinsel curtain. A twentysomething woman, wearing a pink teddy, sits next to him. Williams, talks with several twentysomething women (which includes Lorraine Pascale) at the revolving table.

He talks with a flight attendant on the airplane and checks out her butt as she walks away. While he sits on a car, he claps. He types a password into a metal suitcase. Opening it, he sees his lunch. A second twentysomething woman walks in the tunnel. A man, wearing a plastic monster mask, screams as lights flash. Williams dances in the tunnel.

Against a ruby red background, he wears a spacesuit as several twentysomething women in military uniforms, stand next to him. The ruby red background changes to the moon. He plays a game of craps at the casino. A few twentysomething women cheer for him. He presses the buttons of the jet pack and fails to take off in the field. A third twentysomething woman smiles as she cuddles against him in the boat. He walks out of the studio and drives his Bond Bug out of the parking lot. Sticking out his thumb, he curses under his breath as a car drives past him. and his stalled car.

Rating: 5/5

Robbie Williams marks the promotional dates off his calendar. His James Bond spoof movie was going to straight to video. It would’ve been his first leading role. The spoof was, at best, mediocre. However, he had fun making jokes. He hoped it would at least get him noticed. Overall, he was proud of his work.

Williams exaggerates his laugh while he reads his lines in an audition. The producer tells him he has potential and mentions the James Bond spoof movie. Williams nods and says, “that was him.” The producer nods and exchanges glances with the director. He thanks him for coming in and that they’ll contact him.

Williams washes the dishes and checks his phone messages. His phone rings and he races to answer it. It was his manager at the diner, asking him if he could cover a shift. Williams puts down the towel and says he can be there in 20 minutes. There would be other movies and commercials. However, he really wanted the producer choose him for a callback. As he walks into the diner, he scans the room for any directors or actors. He double checks the private area and sees no one. Williams puts on his apron and heads for his first table.

Director: Vaughn Arnell Year: 1998

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