Video Review: Doja Cat & SZA “Kiss Me More”

On a rose pink planet, an astronaut (Alex Landi) takes off his helmet. A robotic female voice states “oxygen level: stable” while his spaceship burns on the ground. He presses on his radio as the administrator asks him where he is.  As he walks, SZA and Doja Cat balance small globes of Earth over their palms.

Against a lavender background, SZA and Cat move their bodies as they sit on pink silk sheets on the bed. At the shore, he finds a canoe and an oar. He stands on the canoe and rows on the ocean. An oversize hot pink Cat sits on a sandy island. He gazes in awe of her as she puts her hand on her forehead. Cat dances on a platform in a home. Several statutes stand on both sides of her. Back on island, she blows a kiss to him. He blinks and almost loses his balance on the canoe.

An oversized Cat and SZA sit side-by-side inside the mountain. SZA, wearing a rose bikini, sits on a rock on island of cherry blossom trees. She winks as she touches her thigh. He stares at the mountainous pair of lips and drops his oar. Looking to his right, he sees an apple and bites into it. The mountainous pair of lips open and he’s lying shirtless on the bed. SZA and Cat kiss him. They push him down on the bed. He stares at his fading arm. Sitting up, he disappears and lands in a vial. The administrator  on the his radio says, “warning: do not engage with inhabitants.”

Cat says, “I just want to get his boat down the stream and it seems like it’s taking 500 years.” as she presses the buttons on the controller. SZA sits next to her on the couch and watches Cat hits the pink hearts within the game. She adds, “I just want to bust these lips open.” SZA laughs and tells her, “The fruit. Go back, go back, go back. Eat the fruit.” Cat asks, “In the tree?” SZA comments, “look at you…getting fruit” as the lips open. Cat says, “why am I strangely attracted to this game?” SZA taps the vial, asking “where’s he from?” Cat responds, “E-arth or something.” SZA asks her to spell it, which she does. He shouts for help in the vial and they both turn to him, telling him to “shut up!” SZA says, “I got next.”

Rating: 5/5

Doja Cat and SZA pluck strawberries from the bush and put them in baskets. Cat closes her eyes and hums. SZA waves her arms, saying she sees the twentysomething man. The twentysomething man calls out the astronaut’s name and takes a picture of the smashed space ship. As he walks, he sees rubbles of past ships. He counted at least a dozen.

SZA says she can feel him. Cat screams and wipes her eyes. SZA collapses on the sand and groans. The twentysomething man puts his spray can in a pocket of his suit. The scientists had developed an antidote to the SZA and Cat. The GPS from the previous astronauts led to a mountainous area. He puts on special shield and rows on the ocean.

The twentysomething man encounters the oversized SZA and Cat on the islands. Cat hums and he takes out his earplugs. Cat covers her ears at the piercing noise. SZA screeches. The twentysomething man bites into the apple and enters the family room. His jaw drops as he sees the astronauts lined up on the mantle. Some of them had been presumed dead for years. The men and women bang against their vials. A few vials drop and the people reach for him. He didn’t have time and grabs a few vials, one of which included the last astronaut (Landi). SZA and Cat kiss him and he falls onto the ground. Cat comments the astronaut made such a mess. SZA dusts off the vials.

The twentysomething man opens his eyes within the vial. He screams and pounds against it. SZA touches it and says the newest one is really violent. Cat sprinkles some sedatives into the vial and says it’ll settle him down. The twentysomething man falls asleep. The sedatives touch the astronaut’s shoulder and absorb into his body, evaporating his last memory of almost escaping.

Director: Warren Fu Year: 2021

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