Video Review: Rixton “Me and My Broken Heart”

Jake, Danny, Lewi and Charley play in a boxing ring at the Azteca Boxing Club in Bell, California. A plane flies overhead as a note on the screen reads, “Scam #1.” Charley carries a bag in a parking lot and tips his sunglasses at a twentysomething woman, wearing a platinum blonde wig. A note appears on a screen, calling her a con artist.

Jake, Danny, Lewi and Charley hang out at the Malibu Pier. Jake sees a brunette twentysomething woman staring at him as she stands by her viewfinder. A black-haired twentysomething woman listens as someone talks on her cell phone. Danny turns around and she tucks her hair behind her ear. A fourth twentysomething woman checks out Lewi as she rides past him on her motorcycle. Lewi takes off his helmet and stares at her as they sit on their motorcycles on the shoulder.

They walk into the boxing club with the women. A note on the screen notes that each member is a chump. A second note points to the duffel bag in one of the twentysomething woman’s hands. It states there’s 10,000 dollars in it. The guard takes some money out of it and lets them in. They and the women play cards against two fortysomething men in the boxing ring. One of the women kicks the duffel bag of money under table and replaces it with a different one. Several police officers burst through the door as Charley gathers his winnings. Each twentysomething women gives them a bag. Charley runs and opens the bag. Papers fly out of it. Jake notices her changing out the bags. He takes the bag from underneath the table. Lewi, Charley and Danny watch as Jake dumps the money on the floor of his home.

Rating: 2.5/5

Jake looks over his shoulder as he writes out a check for the car. The salesman shakes his hand and says he’s all set. Jake drives the car out of the dealership. A black car turns its blinker on and changes into lanes. It pulls behind Jake. Jake changes to the left. A car honks at him as he sits in the center lane. He stays there until the black car drives off.

Jake pulls into Charley’s driveway. He tells him they have to hide the money. Charley says he spent his share on a new house. Jake puts his head in his hands and says they are in so much trouble. Lewi leans against the wall and tells him no one is going to say anything. Danny says he invested his portion. Jake takes a sheet and pillow out of the linen closet and says he’s staying over tonight.

Charley hides behind the garbage can in his backyard. One of the twentysomething woman was walking on the sidewalk. He gulps and texts Jake to let him know. Jake responds in gibberish. He tiptoes in his backyard and walks to the other side. Climbing over the fence, he jumps onto the porch. The twentysomething woman was nowhere in sight. He leans against the wall and crawls underneath the window on the porch. As he opens the door, he sees the twentysomething woman at his kitchen table, drinking tea.

Director: Cameron Duddy Year: 2014

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