Video Review: Mint Condition “What Kind Of Man Would I Be”

Keri turns the dial on the Zenith radio. Lit in royal blue, Keri, Stokley, Homer, Ricky, Jeff, Larry and Chris perform, wearing suits and hats. A door opens and they walk out of it.

Lit in apricot, they perform on a stage in present time. A twentysomething woman dials the phone and sighs as she holds the receiver. Back in royal blue, they continue to play on stage. Lit in lavender, Stokley plays the drums. It rotates the colors as they continue to play. In royal blue, Keri talks on the phone.

Back in apricot, the the twentysomething woman stands in front of the stage and watches Keri. She bites her lip as he sings. He strokes her cheek and kisses her. Staring at her, he walks away. Back in royal blue, he washes his face with his hands in the bathroom sink. He kisses the twentysomething woman’s hand. Back on stage, he walks away from the microphone.

Rating: 3/5

The twentysomething woman straightens her dress as she sits on the couch. She asks Keri about their next show. Keri says he’s lost track and he thinks it’s maybe a city in Arizona. The twentysomething woman says he lives an amazing life. Keri replies, “sometimes.” Stokley offers her some wine or beer. She says she’ll have a glass of wine. Keri gives her his phone number and tells her to call him sometime.

The twentysomething woman waits for the car to pick her up at work. The driver opens the door for her. She gets inside and thanks him. The driver says there are beverages for her and someone will take care of care for her. The twentysomething woman’s leg trembles as she sits in the backseat.

Keri gives her a hug and asks her about the drive. She says his driver picked her up on time. Keri puts his hand on her back as they walk into the venue. She drinks some soda and walks around the venue as they rehearse. Some of the crew visit her on break and ask her if she’s coming to the next show. She says she doesn’t know. Backstage, Keri tells her she’s so glad she came but he can’t promise her anything. She says it’s okay with it. However, as she sits home, watching Mint Condition perform on the late shows, she crumbles up his phone number.

Director: N/A Year: 1996

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