Video Review: Tate McRae “Rubberband”

Lit in copper, Tate McRae lies on her bed. The light changes to teal as she sits up. Turning around, she sees the lines of light on the wall. She performs a dance routine and rolls on the floor. Pointing to herself, she looks into the mirror. The copper-lit version of herself stares at her fading hand. McRae shoves the copper lit version of herself. The copper lit version of herself recoils.

The copper lit version of herself leans against the glass and pushes her body off of it. She performs the same routine as McRae. McRae screams as the copper lit version of herself jumps and continues to dance. She lies back on the bed again. McRae, on the other side of the mirror, takes a deep breath.

Rating: 2.5/5

Tate McRae moves behind her best friend as they talk by the lockers. Her best friend gives her a strange look and sees McRae’s ex-boyfriend walking past. Her best friend comments he’s staring at his phone and texting. McRae sighs and says she’s such a bad person. Her best friend says he’ll find someone else. As they sit in their seats, she says she doesn’t want him to find someone else.

Her ex-boyfriend sits in the back of the class and glares at her. She puts her hand on her cheek and draws in her notebook. Her teacher asks her to speak to her as the bell rings. She says she’ll talk to her boss about her hours. Her teacher says she’s in danger of failing and offers her extra credit.

McRae sees her ex-boyfriend kissing an 18-year-old young woman. The 18-year-old young woman was known to be a sweet person. She’d help out if she could. The 18-year-old girl raises her eyebrows as she walks by. McRae bumps into her. The 18-year-old young woman, says, “excuse me?” McRae mumbles a sorry. The 18-year-old young woman hisses, that she didn’t deserve him. McRae nods and says she’s absolutely right. She sits in class, watching her ex-boyfriend and the 18-year-old young woman hold hands.

Director: Black Lake Year: 2021

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