Video Review: Beth Hart “L.A. Song”

A car passes by Beth Hart plays the piano inside the tunnel in Los Angeles, California. She drives a taxi and watches a second version of herself in the alley. The second Hart puts her hand on the chest of her drug dealer. He pushes her and she grabs his arms. She walks away.

While she turns, she sees a twentysomething woman, wearing a bra top and miniskirt, talking on the payphone. Cigarette between her fingers, she talks to the men who pass by her on the sidewalk. Hart shakes her head as she drives. The twentysomething shakes the hand of a fortysomething man and walks with him.

Hart watches as a twentysomething man runs on the platform at the train station and steals a wallet out of a second fortysomething man’s pocket. His 18-year-old daughter turns her head. The fortysomething man calls out “hey” as the twentysomething man continues to run. Hart rests her hands on the steering wheel as she drives through the suburbs. On the front lawn, a second twentysomething man and third twentysomething kiss. He checks the time as he pulls back. She shoves him.

Wearing a business, the second version of Hart walks out of a restaurant. An assistant carries her bags as she gets into the car. While the window rolls up, she drinks a glass of vodka. Cardigan wrapped around her shoulders, she stares at a plastic Virgin Mary. A tear falls from the Virgin Mary’s eye. She bends down to get a closer look.

Rating: 2.5/5

Beth Hart twists her sobriety chip between her fingers. The server at the bar asks her if she wants a drink. She looks at it and tells her no. The server takes her co-workers’ orders. Her co-worker asks Hart if she heard about the their manager. Hart says she hasn’t paid attention. Her co-worker says their manager was in the office with the director for about an hour. When she came back to her desk, her eyes were puffy. Her co-worker says she just continued putting in the orders. Hart says she’s going to call it a night. Her co-worker gives her a hug and says she’s glad she came. Hart says she is, too.

Hart dials up her sponsor. A glass of wine sits on the table. She thinks of her job as a project manager she had about 5 years ago. However, she began to show up to the office drunk and was fired. Her manager asked her to “please get help.” If she hadn’t screwed up, she’d still be working there and likely promoted to an executive position.

Hart smokes a cigarette as she walks on the sidewalk in the morning during the week. She laughs to herself and stumbles. The server at the bar had cut her off. Her now former co-worker had gasped at her smeared makeup and ratted dress. Hart had declared “this is who I am” and slapped her. She had a hearing sometime. Maybe next week. The public defendant would let her know. She sits beside the plastic Virgin Mary and says a prayer, promising not to to drink for at least a day. She could manage a day.

Director: Peter Christopherson Year: 1999


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