Video Review: Fat Joe, DJ Khaled & Amorphous “Sunshine (The Light)”

Diddy, holding a glass of champagne, says to Fat Joe, Cool & Dre and DJ Khaled, “do you know this cat’s resume? Gesturing to Fat Joe, he says, “This is Crack, one of the world’s most famous graffiti artists. He got kidnapped in Africa.” Fat Joe laughs. Khaled adds, “Joe, the life you live is unbelievable. You need to make a movie about your life. It’s so inspiring.” Joe pats his chest. Diddy points to his chest, “remember that time you bought Pablo Escobar…” Khaled cuts him off and says for everyone to toast. They raise their glasses as they stand on the yacht.

As Fat Joe sits on a lounge chair, he views the skyline of Miami, Florida. Joe puts his arms around Cool and Dre as they stand against a royal blue tinsel curtain. A DJ spins a record in his booth. Water flows out of cherub’s horn of the fountain the backyard. Joe walks by the fountain and pulls at his jacket. A couple twentysomething woman hold their glasses of champagne. A twentysomething woman pours Deleon tequila into a glass for a second twentysomething woman.

Several twentysomething woman dance on the yacht. The DJ claps as he performs on the balcony. Dre smokes a cigar. Some of the twentysomething stand by the railing. Khaled holds a bottle in his hand as he dances. Joe sits on the couch with Dre while the twentysomething women stand near them.

Rating: 2.5/5

The twentysomething woman says, “that really happened?” as Fat Joe tells a story. Diddy nods, adding it was a crazy time. She says thought it was just rumor. Every once in awhile, she saw it on social media and wondered if it was true. Khaled asks him to tell them another story. The twentysomething woman’s jaw drops as Joe continues.

Joe pats the DJ’s shoulders and tells him he’s a doing good job. The DJ thanks him and asks him if there’s anything he’d like hear. Joe tells him to play what he wants. He’s been discovering new music and asks for a business card. The DJ hands it to him. Joe fist pumps him and says it was good to meet him.

As the yacht docks, Diddy tells Joe that they’ve been through a lot together. Joe says he had fun sharing memories with everyone and enjoying the day. Diddy says they should hang out more often and offers him more champagne. Joe turns it down and says he’s reached his limit for the day. He walks onto the pier. The twentysomething woman complains to the second twentysomething about her boyfriend. Joe excuses himself for eavesdropping and says for her to expect better. She smiles and says she knows. However, it’s good to hear someone she respect tell her.

Director: Ivan Barrios Year: 2021

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