Video Review: Patty Smyth “No Mistakes”

Filmed in sepia, Rusty walks towards the Welles building. Patty Smyth walks in the parking lot. She sits on a chair in front of an apartment building. Smyth sings as the band performs in a copper patterned room.

She passes by the Redwing Meat Packing Company. In the copper patterned room, she sits on a red couch. She and her band perform by a field. Rusty continues to walk toward the Welles building.

Rating: 2/5

Patty Smyth opens the door into the Red Wing Meat Packing Company. She runs her hand on the dusted conveyor belt. and walks into the foreman’s office. A abandoned picture frame sits on the floor. It was of a fortysomething man and his 10-year-old daughter. The photo must’ve been taken 30 years ago. She looks behind shelves for any clues.

She and her band walk up the fire escape in the apartment building. Rusty waves to her from the balcony. One of her band members shouts he’s staying in the hallway. He doesn’t trust the structure. Smyth leans against the railing, a flyer for a dance at the high school in her hand.

Smyth and her band drive by the high school. The letters had fallen off on the side of the building. Walking inside, she sits in a classroom and reads an outdated textbook. Rusty steps on the sign for the dance. She and Rusty dance in the cafeteria. He tells her it could still be them. She puts her hand on her chest and says she just wants to go home. People once had lives in the town and it’s as though they didn’t exist. Her husband is still there and she wants to try. Rusty nods and says he’ll get everyone.

Director: N/A Year: 1992

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