Video Review: Polo G “Rapstar”

Einer Bankz nods as he plays guitar as he leans against a car. Polo G hands the salesman a duffel bag of money. He gives the G the keys on a silver platter. G walks into a garage and gives the keys to about 7 of his friends. His friends smile as they stand by their new car with a red bow on it.

G looks out the window of an airplane. Some twentysomething women talk in their seats. They drink champagne and make a toast. One of the twentysomething women hands him a glass. He talks into his phone while shopping at the shoe store. A twentysomething woman tries to get his attention. He gestures with his finger, “one minute.”

He raps inside an empty hotel. Rotating between black-and-white and color, he and the twentysomething leave the the hotel. It features on ZMT television show, which plays on the airplane. G and one of his friends play chess. His friend tips over one of the game pieces. They clink champagne glasses.

In a gymnasium, he holds a 5-year-old boy. The 5-year-old boy dribbles and G lifts him near the basket. The 5-year-old boy puts the ball through the net. G stands against a charcoal background and poses for photographs. In a dark studio, he records. The twentysomething woman stabs in the shoulder and he lies on the floor. He stands at the podium and accepts the Hip Hop Hall of Fame award. Back on the airplane, he continues to look out the window.

Rating: 5/5

Polo G moves his arm in a circular motion. The physical therapist tells him he’s doing a good job. However, he thinks a couple more sessions are necessary. G says “ok” and schedules his next appointment. The receptionist smiles at him. He gives her his credit card and says they are invited to his party once he’s cleared. The receptionist grins and says she’ll go. One of the billers tells him she’s relieved he’s there. The news reports were frightening. G signs the slip and tells the he’ll see them next week.

G talks with the late night host. The fortysomething man extends his sympathies and asks about his recovery. He says he’s grateful to be alive. His friends and family were really scared for him. The fortysomething man says it was touch-and-go there for awhile.

G walks with his wife to the Hip Hop Hall of Fame awards. She says she’s so proud of him. As they walk into the theater, he says when he was stabbed, he dreamed of being on stage. He says he hung onto the image until he passed out. His wife checks over her shoulder and says they have security and the former girlfriend is in jail. She tells him it’s okay. G’s knees tremble and says he wish they’d start.

Director: Arrad Year: 2021

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