Video Review: INOJ “Ring My Bell”

Several twentysomething men and women lean against the wall of the restaurant in the afternoon. INOJ talks to a group of twentysomething women talk in the parking lot. A twentysomething woman hugs a twentysomething man. INOJ and her friends dance.

She takes her drink and touches the second twentysomething man’s nose as he stands behind the counter. A third twentysomething man puts on his sunglasses and looks at people dancing in the parking lot. She and her friends take off in their cars. They continue their dance routine in the street.

She and her friends dance in the parking lot at night. Their friends race each other in the street. One of their friends squirts his water blaster at them. At night, she and her friends pause their dance routine in the parking lot.

Rating: 2/5

INOJ’s pager beeps and she runs to her phone. One of her friends says she has to get the restaurant right now. Her crush is working tonight. He just walked through the door. INOJ asks her friends about her outfit. Her friends tell her she looks fine. INOJ opens her closet and says she has to wear something dressier. She says she bought a shrug and she can’t find it. One of her friends moves some hangers and hands it to her.

Wearing her shrug, a flowy blouse and jeans, she and her friends drive into the parking lot. She says she can’t talk to him. A friend tells her she has to give him her order and ask about his day. She nods, saying she can do it. While in line, she tells her friend, she’s so nervous. She can’t eat and if she could split some of her meal with her. Her friend says she’ll get onion rings and they can trade.

The twentysomething man says he remembers her as she stands at the counter. She smiles, telling him, “really?” He says she usually comes in during his shifts. She comments, “weird, isn’t it?” He asks her what’d she like to have. She says a hamburger and fries. He puts in her order and whispers to her, “I’ll throw in a sundae for you.” She says. “thank you” and walks over to her friend. Her friend stares at her sundae, telling her she didn’t mention ordering it. INOJ grins and says he got it for her. The twentysomething woman gives her a playful punch on the arm, saying it’s progress. They sit at a table and she glances at him every so often.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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