Video Review: Sam Hunt “Breaking Up Was Easy In The 90’s”

A guard leads James down the hallway of the prison. He man carries his books, a shirt and pants. In the bathroom, he pats his face with a towel in the bathroom and signs out. A second guard walks with him past the fence and barbed wire. His mother shield her eyes as she waits for him. She sits in the driver’s side and gives him a small smile. They drive home.

Sam Hunt plays guitar on the porch. James walks on his lawn, staring across street while his mother unlocks the door. On his bed, he sees a envelope with his name on it. He talks to his mom. As he sits on the bed, he shakes his bed and looks a framed picture of Jesus hanging on the wall. He walks into church and sits in the pew. Between prayers, he reads the letters over and over again from Loren. An acquaintance calls him over as they sit in the car by the church. James takes the note from Loren and walks back inside.

He sits on his bed, looking at the note. Cell phone to his ear, he listens to it ring. He places the phone on the bible. Sitting at a table in a diner, he fills out an application. He sits up in bed, looking up Loren on social media. His mom checks on him as he tosses the phone on the door. In the back of the kitchen, he cuts up onions and mixes lettuce in a bowl. Through the window of the door, he sees Loren walk in the diner with a thirtysomething man by her side.

Rating: 5/5

James stands in the kitchen. His boss asks him to help some clean up some tables. At least an entire section has plates and glasses on it. Glancing through the window, he sees Loren laughing with the thirtysomething. He tells his boss, “in a minute. I have more chopping to do.” His boss tells him, “now.”

Loren turns her head and squints. She puts her hands underneath chin and stares at James. The thirtysomething man asks, “what’s going on?” Loren places money on the table and says she has to go. James wipes a towel with a cloth and watches her walk out of the door.

James takes out the ground beef for dinner and places it on top of the dishpan. As he walks by the family room, he listens as his mother snores while the television plays a game show. He turns off the television and hears a knock on the door. Through the peephole, he sees Loren and steps back.

He opens the door and says “hello.” She blinks back tears and says she’s sorry. James says it was a long time ago. Loren says she goes over her testimony. James tells her the lawyer twisted her words. She says she waited for him. James says it’s ok if she stopped. She had her life. Loren replies, “but I took yours in the process.” James tells her it’s probably best they don’t see each other.  Looking at the floor, she nods and tells him it’s a good idea. She tells him to say hi to his mom for her. As he closes the door, he says he will.

Director: Justin Clough Year: 2020

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