Video Review: Samantha Mumba “Always Come Back To Your Love”

Samantha Mumba pulls her car into the parking garage at night. She spreads her arms against a rack of florescent lights. She dances behind the rack and sits in her car. In a cornflower blue painted room, she and her friends dance.

A friend of hers opens the door and lets her inside. A couple of twentysomething men greet each other and talk. Mumba sits on the cornflower blue couch. Back at the parking garage, she stands between two concrete blocks. She lies on the fluffy white rug in the family room.

Rating: 2.5/5

Samantha Mumba sits by herself on the couch. A twentysomething man waves to her. She waves back. He walks over to her and sits next to her. He says it’s good to actually talk her. She nods and says they keep running into each other. He says he’s glad he’s acknowledging her after their rough 7th grade breakup. Mumba says the 11th grade breakup divided the school. He asks her how she’s been.

Her friend nudges her and says they should a dance routine. Mumba shakes her head “no.” She doesn’t want to do it in front of everyone. Her friend says it’s not a big deal. The twentysomething man stretches out on the couch and says he hasn’t seen the routine in years. Her friend puts on the music and she goes along with it.

The twentysomething man says she wasn’t really into it. She says she just moved on it. It seemed like they just got out of school. He says they are growing up. She smiles at him and says he understands her so well. He says they’ve known each other forever. She asks if he minds driving her home. He pats her hand and says he’ll get their jackets.

Director: N/A Year: 2001

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