Video Review: Michael Damian “Was It Nothing At All”

Lit cornflower blue, Michael Damian picks his shirt off the floor of the bedroom. Filmed in sepia, he walks on the road with his guitar. As a car drives by, he raises his arm. He sits in a twentysomething woman’s car as she drives. Her hat flies off and she turns her head.

Back in cornflower blue, he sits up in bed. While in bed, he hugs his pillow as he rests his head on it. She smiles at him as she drops him off. Damian stares at her as she drives away. In sepia, she hangs clothes on the line as he walks up to her. They lie in a boat, their eyes closed while they tan in the sun. She spins by the window. He kisses her as they sit on a bench. She puts her leg on his lap.

Continuing in sepia, he gives her a piggyback ride as they walk on the beach. Back in cornflower blue, she sits up in bed as he puts on his shirt. They sleep together in bed. Back in sepia, they argue in front of her house. She leans against the arch. They walk in a cemetery. Back in color, the sun shines through the window and he opens his eyes. In sepia, she runs in the backyard.

Rating: 4/5

Michael Damian pulls his guitar case out of the closet. He brushes the dust off it and opens it. The guitar was still in pristine condition. He puts it in the “sell” pile. It was a part of his life he couldn’t forget. The last time he played, he wrote at least 20 songs dedicated to the twentysomething woman he was living with at the time.

The twentysomething woman was fearless. She had been picked up from the side of the road. He had asked her, “why did you do it?” She shrugged and replied he seemed to be a good person. A week later, she moved in his home. They slept together for most of the summer. On the weekends, they walked on the beach. A visit to the cemetery had changed their relationship. She had taken off her shoes and told him to dance. He had told her “no.” Something about it didn’t seem right. Afterwards, she had become haunted. It had occurred to him he didn’t know much about her.

He had returned to the cemetery after she broke up with him and saw a small grave for an infant. He had kneeled by the grave and talked to the baby he never knew. Praying, he had asked the baby to watch out for the twentysomething woman. She really needed his spirit. Every so often, he went back and placed a flower on the grave.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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