Video Review: The Weeknd & Ariana Grande “Save Your Tears (Remix)”

An animated reptile crawls on a rock and looks at  a translucent building near the mountain. Underground, The Weeknd picks out Ariana Grande’s head out of a box. He places it on a conveyor belt. Along the the conveyor belt, perfume is sprayed on her.

Grande’s head passes lava lamps on the belt and through a heart-shape arch. Fans dry Grande’s head as it turns. A steel claw lifts her head up. He moves the joystick on the control panel as the claws attach her arms. A record turns on the turntable and a drink bubbles inside its glass as he works. The claw puts in her eyes. He walks to her. The claws extends her hand as he reaches for her. The lights shut off in the factory. The sun shines on the translucent building. He stands with Ariana Grande, who is inside a plastic doll box.

Rating: 5/5

The Weeknd displays the Ari doll in his home. It was his greatest achievement. Perhaps, in time, the public would embrace the life-like doll. He had brought the idea to his boss. His boss had raised his eyebrow and implied The Weeknd had a fetish. The Weeknd went back to his office and drank for the rest of the afternoon. It would have to be a secret then.

At home, he called up manufacturers and met with them late at night. He gave them a tour of the underground factory. The manufacturers shook his hand and agreed to reproduce his sketches. He insisted on being onsite for the development and maintaining control. They were not allowed to hire other employees.

Sitting at his desk, he thinks of ways to make the Ari Doll speak. Although she was beautiful, she was a statue. As he flipped through a technology magazine, he reads about the manufacturer’s secret human doll project and the ethics involved. The Weeknd terminates their contract and refuses them funds. The manufacturers threaten  to sue. Word could not get out. He sends them a large sum of money and they agree to help develop the Ari Doll further. He sighs as he looks at her. Someday, people will be call the Ari Doll their friend or lover, whichever they choose.

Director: Jack Brown Year: 2021

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