Video Review: Jhené Aiko “Tryna Smoke”

A thirtysomething man takes a piece of weed out of a baggie and gives it another thirtysomething man. They discuss price. The second thirtysomething man puts the piece of weed back into the bag. Jhené Aiko ties the laces on her roller skates as she sits on the couch.

Big Sean cuts up the weed on the table and rolls it into a joint. Aiko, wearing a jacket over her top and sunglasses, sways as she sways in front of her friends. She sniffs a piece of weed. Mila J picks out a piece and takes a picture of it on her cell phone. Aiko walks by her bookcase.

Aiko dances in her seat as J talks next to her. A third thirtysomething man lights up a joint. Sean stares into space. His eyes grow wide. Aiko roller stakes by the couch. J laughs while Aiko and Sean exhale. The two thirtysomething men continue to talk.

Rating: 5/5

Jhené Aiko bites into some chips and hands some to Big Sean. Big Sean dips in salsa and asks her if she’s better. Aiko closes her eyes and says she doesn’t even remember why she was upset. Mila J snores in her seat. Aiko puts on a blanket on her. Aiko laughs and says she’s completely out. One of her friends say she bought an awesome batch. Aiko shows him the dispensary on her phone and says they’ll take care of him. He asks her to send him a link. She taps her phone and says it’s sent.

Sean kisses Aiko and says he’s going to bed. Aiko says she’ll be there in a minute. She wants to clean it up a little first. Sean asks her what he can do. Aiko picks up some plates and says he can put the weed away. Sean grabs the bag and puts in Aiko’s bedroom.

J calls into work and puts her phone back in her pocket. She wraps herself in the blanket and walks to the bathroom. She brushes her teeth and knocks on Aiko’s door. Aiko opens the door and blinks, “what?” J says she’s going to hang out for a little while longer. Aiko says it’s fine and says they’ll be up soon. J tells her she’s going to run to the store. Aiko says they are ordering breakfast. J grins and says she was hoping she’d say that. She sits on her chair and watches television.

Director: Eyes Year: 2021

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