Video Review: Chris Brown, Young Thug, Future, Lil Durk & Mulatto “Go Crazy (Remix)”

Chris Brown looks out the window of the airplane as flies over clouds. A twentysomething woman rests her head as she talks with Brown. They both get up from their seats. A therapist gives Lil Durk a Rorschach test. She asks him questions. He snaps his fingers and her body freezes. Her head opens up and Lil Durk sits in the control room of her mind. Back in the office, her head closes and she listens to Durk.

On the airplane, Brown and the twentysomething woman walk in the aisle. A thirtysomething man shouts for them to sit down. Brown opens the door. People grab their oxygen masks. He and the twentysomething woman leap into the sky. A fortysomething man and woman stand at the glass window in the lab. They observe Mulatto as she dances. Two twentysomething women dance on the pole. Mulatto licks her lips as she presses a second twentysomething woman against the wall.

Future hangs off a mountain as it snows. He walks on the cliff. A fourth twentysomething plays an arcade game on the mountain. He gives her tips as she plays. Two of his friends sit on rocks. A fifth twentysomething sits on a motorcycle. Back on the airplane, the flight attendant taps Brown on the shoulder. He tells her he’s okay and glances at the twentysomething woman as she sleeps.

Rating: 3/5

Chris Brown taps his legs as he sits in the seat of the airplane. He has to get up and move around. The in-flight movie drones on as he watches the clouds. He would give anything to just jump out of the plane right now and sail in the air. On his laptop, he schedules classes for parachuting.

Future drinks some water at camp. The Sherpa tells the group they’ll continue in the morning at about 7 a.m. He tells everyone to get a good night’s rest. Future rubs his hands in the tent. The last time he only made it a third of the way. However, he had trained during the winter and prepared his body for the intense cold. He was going to reach the top.

Lil Durk sits in his therapist’s office and spins the globe as he waits for her. His therapist says she has one another test for him. She says it’s the Beck Anxiety Inventory and hands him the paper. He circles the appropriate numbers and returns it to her. She says she’s going to calculate and they’ll talk about treatment once she returns. Durk isn’t sure he’ll pass. For a couple weeks, he was lightheaded and snapped at one of his friends. It just wasn’t going away. His therapist diagnoses with an anxiety disorder and says they can set up another appointment. Durk next week, same time is fine by him.

Director: DAPS Year: 2021

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