Video Review: Dire Straits “Brothers In Arms”

In black-and-white, animated waves bustle during a thunderstorm. A pendulum swings over the ocean. The mountains remain quiet. Alan plays the keyboard. Mark plays the guitar. Snow melts on the mountain. Several soldiers run in the rain. Debris flies in the air. People cheer in an audience.

Mark plays on top of a mountain. A sailboat stays afloat in the thunderstorm. A wave submerges it in the ocean. Against a black background, a man breaks free from chains around his wrists. The soldiers put their hands on each other’s shoulders as they walk. Two soldiers run with a gurney. Standing against a black background, Mark, David, John, Alan, Guy and Omar carry guns. The guns transform in their instruments. Hundreds of crosses line the cemetery. A mauve light shines over the ocean as the storm clouds disappear. The sun shines over the calm ocean.

Rating: 5/5

Mark shuffles cards during the monthly poker game with his friends from the army. One of his friends looks at his cards and says he’s having his final surgery on his leg next weekend. Mark says he’ll be at the hospital. A second friend says they’ll carpool and wait for him. His friend puts a card on table and says he wants it to be over. A third friend says it’ll be soon. He has to hang on a little longer.

Mark sits up in bed, the lamp still on, as he remembers every friend he lost. He replays how he could’ve saved them and what he could’ve done. His wife taps on the shoulder and asks him, “can’t sleep?” He turns off the lamp and says he’ll sleep on the couch tonight.

He sits in the recreation room and listens as a soldier talks about the everyday sounds bothering him. Mark nods and says he appreciates him for telling his story. Raising his hand, he says the process continues. There is not one day when it’s suddenly over. He says his friend has to go in the surgery and he’s scared a complication could arise. His friend keeps him going. Mark sighs and says he’s drained. A few people get up and pour themselves coffee. A couple soldiers tell him good luck. Mark thanks them. They walk with him and wait in line for donuts.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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