Video Review: M.C. Hammer “Pray”

Lit in royal blue, a church choir sings and dances in a park. A fountain sprays water behind them. Lit in sunrise orange, people clap in the pews at church. M.C. Hammer dances by the stained glass windows. He and his friends walk on the sidewalk. They pass several twentysomething women dancing as they walk.

Hammer and several men perform a dance by the fountain. It switches between color and black-and-white. Back on the sidewalk, Hammer preaches to two men as they play jacks by a store. One of the men looks up at him, folds his hands in prayer and throws the dice. Hammer picks up the dice off the ground. Two men stop drinking as Hammer walks by.  Back in church, Hammer kneels in the first pew.

Two 8-year-old boys stand by a gate. One 8-year-old boy opens the gate and talks with an 18-year-old young man. The 18-year-old young man puts drugs in the 8-year-old boy’s hand. Hammer grabs the money and yells at the 18-year-old man. One of the women in the choir stands by herself, raising her hands against a black background. A gang of five twentysomething lock a fence. Hammer and his friends walk through the gate. He steps between two groups of twentysomething men and talks them out of fighting.

Hammer leads the choir as they perform by the fountain. He claps as he stands in the front of the altar. The twentysomething women dance by the stained glass windows. Back in church, he folds his hands in prayer.

Rating: 2/5

M.C. Hammer knocks the door of the 8-year-old boy’s home. The 8-year-old boy says he doesn’t know where he mom is. He shouts at Hammer that the drugs helped her and knows she’s gone. Hammer says he’s going to take him to church. He explains he can live with him but he has to promise to attend church every Sunday. The 8-year-old boy says he will.

The 8-year-old boy blasts rap music in the house. Hammer turns it off and tells him the music is sinful and puts on gospel for him. He says he has to be mindful that he is one of God’s sons. Hammer unravels the cassette tape and throws it in the tape. The 8-year-old boy hides his rap cassettes under his mattress while he cleans his room.

The 8-year-old boy coughs and says he can’t go to church. He says he feels sick. Hammer puts his hand on the 8-year-old’s boy forehead and says he’s fine. The 8-year-old boy says he can’t. Hammer reminds him of his promise. The 8-year-old boy begs for him to pull over. He has to vomit. Hammer says he’s not falling for it. The 8-year-old boy vomits in his lap. Hammer drives into a parking lot and says he has to make a call. At a pay phone, he says he can’t make service today and asks for one of the pastors to step in. The pianist says he’ll notify the pastors right away.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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