Video Review: Ryan Hurd & Maren Morris “Chasing After You”

Ryan Hurd walks into the ballroom and plays his guitar as he stands in the center. Maren Morris, on the edges of a revolving platform, stares at him as he sits on a stool. She walks towards him and sips her glass of wine. He strokes her hair while they turn amongst the weeds.

Morris sits within the weeds. They sit on the wooden floor, back to back, their arms wrapped around each other. Lit in scarlet red, a shirtless Hurd lies in bed. In silhouette, Morris crawls to him and disappears. He pulls her to him on the revolving platform. They embrace within the weeds. He continues to lay on the floor with her.

Rating: 1/5

Ryan Hurd takes out a frozen dinner out of the freezer and puts it in the microwave. He checks his phone. Maren Morris say she misses him and sorry about dinner. The microwave beeps. He takes out the carton and sits at the kitchen table. Biting into an still ice cold fry, he scrunches his face and texts her they’ll go out tomorrow.

Morris admires a dress as she stands in front of her mirror. She can’t even fit into anymore. It was her pre-baby dress. The nights she had out, wearing it. The men who she let it take it off. One of them being, Hurd. Hurd, who could slam back beer after beer with her, was now cradling the baby. A case of beer sits in the refrigerator. She was banned from drinking it – for now. However, Hurd was telling her he didn’t really want it anymore. Sometimes, she sneaked into the basement and drank two cans or so while the baby slept.

Hurd kisses her hard and tells they can go make another baby. She touches her wet lips and tells him she doesn’t really want to. He asks her why. She says she hasn’t recovered from the last one. He says he wants to be with more be often, be her husband. She tells him she isn’t sure who she is and walks downstairs to the basement. He runs downstairs and grabs the can out of her reach. She sits on the cold floor, her eyes on the wooden tiles.

Director: TK McKamy Year: 2021

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