Video Review: Ed Sheeran “Don’t”

A shirtless twentysomething man (Pacman) sleeps on a mattress outside a home. Sliding off, he stands up and dances on the dirt. He unlocks a door and walks inside a home. Twisting his arms, he dances by a fiftysomething man as he sleeps on the couch in the family room. He climbs over the baby gate and puts a shirt on in the laundry room. In the kitchen, he stirs a pot on the stove and leaves.

A fortysomething hits a punching bag next door. The twentysomething man kicks a lemon into his drink as he continues to dance. In the second home, a thirtysomething man and woman and their kids sit on the couch and pick at their plates while they watch television. The twentysomething man hands the 6-year-old boy a pair of headphones. Back on the sidewalk, he passes by a second thirtysomething woman mowing her lawn. Ed Sheeran rolls down the window of his car and watches the twentysomething man dance.

Walking underneath the sprinkler, he walks into a third home. A twentysomething woman carries a pizza box in the kitchen. She dances with him and they sit on the couch. He changes his clothes in the bedroom and dances on the roof. He slides into the pool. After getting out of the pool, he dances on the privacy fence.

The gate opens into the neighborhood while the security guard sleeps on a bench. The twentysomething man walks onto the porch and knocks on the door of the home. He walks inside and up the stairs. In the bedroom, he puts on a suit. He smiles as he sits at the kitchen table and stands on the balcony. While he dances, he levitates by the staircase. Eyes closed, he rests on the inner tube as he floats in the pool.

Rating: 2.5/5

The twentysomething man scurries behind the pool house. A fortysomething man calls for the dog. The second twentysomething woman says the dog walker may have taken her. The dog cuddles beside him and rolls over. The twentysomething woman asks the maid for some drinks. The fortysomething man reminds the maid to cut her off if she’s had enough.

The twentysomething woman takes off her shoes and dangles her feet in the pool. She sips on her drinks. The dog yaps as the twentysomething man shushes it. The twentysomething woman looks around for the dog. The twentysomething man crawls on the pavement and tries to climb the fence. His nails scratch it as he falls down. The dog barks as the twentysomething woman exclaims, “what?” and finds the twentysomething man lying on the ground.

She asks him where’s he from. The twentysomething man clears his throat and says he was with the gardening crew. He apologizes for his break. She tells him the gardener came yesterday. He says he’ll leave right now. She leads him to the gate and opens her purse. She takes out $50 and tells him and says it should do. The twentysomething man tells her it’s fine and  walks to the gate. The security guard asks him if he enjoyed his visit. He tells him it was a pleasant one and comments it’s a lovely neighborhood. The security guard waves goodbye to him.

Director: Emil Nava Year: 2014

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